GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing, GS Weekend Edition

Deus Ex Human Revolution

It’s GamerSushi weekend! For those of you that don’t know, the GamerSushi gang is getting together irl for the first time ever, here in hot and steamy Houston, Texas. For real. It’s hot here.

So far, we’ve watched some Aliens, played some Mortal Kombat, and have a barcade run to make later today. Also, all of us in the same place is going to make for a pretty entertaining podcast. As such, there won’t be much posting happening for the next couple of days, so I wanted to ask you guys what you’re playing.

Up until today, I’ve mostly been swamped in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is so far fantastic. It just feels like an old school PC game, and has a gorgeous atmosphere and great gameplay to boot. It’s got a lot of stuff I didn’t realize I was missing from games, and I love it for that.

So, what are you guys playing in honor of GamerSushi weekend? Go!

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12 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing, GS Weekend Edition”

  1. Eating up Human Revolution (or perhaps it’s the other way around?). Can’t remember the last time I spent an hour or so just tooling around a relatively small area, appreciating how well-built and fleshed out the game world was. Though I’m still trying to puzzle out why Adam Jensen has three bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice.

    But looming over all else, I’m psyched for the aforementioned barcade festivities. Sure, I’ll probably spend most of the evening having my ass handed to me, but I can’t think of any group of folks I’d rather have hand me my ass. Please don’t dig too deep into that one. Other than a vanishingly small chance that I’ll get to fixing my RROD and thence finishing Mass Effect 2, that’s my weekend.

  2. That sounds like fun guys, hope you all enjoy it!
    I’ve been playing Portal 2 to completion (I finally went out and bought it, lol). The ending was hilarious!
    I plan on tackling co-op with my friend so we can test out cross-platform co-op.
    Other than that, the usual: BFBC2, MTG 2012 and a bit of Blops now and again. I’m playing Crysis 2 also. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the single player (except the story, it was TERRIBLE) and the multiplayer. Jackal ftw!

  3. I’m going to be finishing up Bastion, Limbo and maybe Assassin’s Creed this weekend before I go and lose my life to Deus Ex and Xenoblade Chronicles next week.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend guys

  4. Deus. Ex. Human Revolution.

    It is my new favorite game of all time, even more than Ocarina of Time.

    Right now, though, I’m stuck on the boss battle against the cadaver guy (I didn’t spoil it for anyone who isn’t that far yet). Does anybody have any tips? I think I’m not doing enough damage.

  5. Got my old Mechwarrior/MechCommander games working, been working on those for the past couple days.
    Unfortunately, I finally got them to work after I just sold my computer, so I only have a week left.

  6. Just beat Witcher 2, so I’m back onto Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Been playing for a few weeks now, over 300 matches. Still suck, but getting better.

  7. Update, I beat the cadaver guy. The Laser Gun seems to be worthless, so use the Grenade Launcher, or Gas Grenades + Typhoon 2.

    Therefore, I beat Deus Ex Human Revolution, and it was GLORIOUS. Eidos Montreal has served the Deus Ex franchise very proud.

    Btw, I’ve seen some glitch pics and vids, but I never encountered any glitches in my playthrough. That’s a great sign.

  8. Getting to the end of Deus Ex after hours of exploration. According to Steam I’ve put about 25 hours into the game so far, starting to notice some of the blemishes, but still can’t believe how amazing this game is. The 10 year wait was totally worth it. Really glad they patched the mouse issues so early, fixed it right up, and the load times are cut in half for me. Awesome developers.

    Other than that, Minecraft with the girlfriend <3

    @Cossack, I died over and over at that boss dude, I had my Revolver upgraded with explosive ammo (even though I'm playing the game without killing a single person) and eventually it seemed like the game just went easier on me and the boss died after like 6 or 7 shots out of nowhere. I guess just keep trying and the game will go easy on you eventually, lol.

  9. Borderlands 2, as per the last few weeks. More than halfway bthrough the DLC, nearly finished General Knoxx after bypassing Moxxie (the battles were taking hours, and I was dying, dying, dying with no positive result). But I’m happy to report that I beat back 25 waves this afternoon and finally won one of the suckers.

    Now it’s back to Knoxx and Medal of Duty (what is it with all this arena combat?).

  10. @ Julez: Yeah, maybe that’s what happened. I had tried time after time to kill him with a combo of Laser Gun, Shotgun, and Revolver, and I actually survived for several minutes, but I’d die because I’d be trapped by Gas on one side and his Frag & EMP on the other. Still, it was tense and enjoyable enough that I still liked that boss battle.

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