GamerSushi Asks: Teamwork Triumphs?

Starcraft 2

Last night, in the spirit of true camaraderie, Nick, Mitch and I teamed up for some 3 v 3 matches of StarCraft 2. Big surprise, right? If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ll know that these outings have increased in their frequency, and I’m starting to experience something while gaming that I haven’t in a long time – defining a good team strategy.

Basically, we hit a point in the game where we had to change what we were doing, and really zero in on a particular plan. Our new builds last night really opened up some new possibilities for us, and we were able to defend our platinum rank in 3 v 3 with gusto.

Weirdly enough, the last time I remember obsessing this much over strategy has been with previous Halo games. I did the same kind of tactical research for Halo Wars, and before that, lots of practice flag runs on Halo 2. The practice/teamwork dynamic is something that I don’t experience too often in games, so it’s always interesting when it strikes again.

What’s your last big experience with teamwork triumphs in a multiplayer game? What games in recent past have forced you and a team to really work together? Go!

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7 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Teamwork Triumphs?”

  1. Counter-Strike was really the only game I’ve ever played “seriously” or competitively. It lasted for a few years until the game was more about practicing than having fun, so I stopped.

    But, there is hardly a better multiplayer experience than being on the same team with people you actually know rather than strangers. CoD4 with my cousin or BFBC2 with a few old friends have made for some of the most “serious” and seriously fun nights.

    God, I love gaming.

  2. This is a really fun one. One of the last games where teamwork has really played a part was Assassins Creed and its online multiplayer. I have less than 10 hours on it (it was so buggy we just kind of fell off) but it really was a game where teamwork would make a difference. Now I wont lie, a lot of it was just people running around like idiots instead of strategizing but it was one of those games where teamwork could really make a difference. Another game I can think of is Black Ops. Despite all the grief I give it, playing with a team of all our clan members, Domination could become a game where teamwork was absolutely needed to win. YOu have to combine the proper amount of coverage, slaying, and point capture. The Halo series was always a good one for this sort of gameplay. I feel like 2 and 3 more-so than Reach.

    One example I can think of was actually the game that broke my 64 game winning streak on Black OPs (which consisted of a bunch of Domination games with the clan and several FFA games on my part). We played on Summit and were up against a full clan of 6 guys who used one of the cheaper tactics in the game, Flack-jacketing along with pure explosives. Now while we wont get into that dynamic I will say that the majority of us at the time didnt use flack jacket and were really struggling with staying alive and capturing points. We got a rangle on their strategy halfway through the game and started to really dominate (pun not intended) them. We ended up loosing the game 199 to 200, with their victory coming from a last second cap of B. So went our win of 65, leaving a 64 streak as my record. Despite the loss, teamwork during that run was key.

  3. WoW’s Battlegrounds are much more fun when your team has a plan. Other then that I think Gears of War is a game where if your team sticks together, 9 times out of 10 youll beat the team filled with every man for himself players, no matter how good they are.

  4. In CoD4 on Team Tactical, many hours were wasted on perfecting classes to complement my friends’ playstyle and to suit the game mode. S&D destroy calls for quite a bit of teamwork and my two friends and I always followed a solid gameplan on most maps. We all had our own defend points (ie. camping spots) when defending and an attacking method which we just adapted on the fly to fit in with the map and who had the bomb. Those were the days…
    BFBC2, too, plays SO much better with teamwork. A and B planted simultaneously will frequently mess up the other team’s hold on a base.

  5. Game Night:
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    Ground War (Deathmatch): Skid Row
    Initial efforts relied on most of the team rushing to establish control over the central apartment complex. However, coordinated volleys of M203 grenades, AT4s and RPG-7s gave the enemy a 250 point lead (25/100 kills to win).

    Our redoubled effort had us form up in a loading-dock/warehouse in the Northeast corner of the map. Two snipers provided suppressing fire down a tunneled approach. A combined effort of smg and lmg fire from the second story windows and the loading dock prevented the enemy team from successfully flanking our position.

    A repeated effort of massed volleys of explosive projectiles was prevented due to countering waves of suppressing fire dissuading the enemy from grouping together as their strategy required.

    Result: Victory

  6. HomeFront. During a team death match game on Suburb map I had picked my sniper class with parrot drone. I found a good spot to hide and stayed there the whole match operating my drone marking the enemies for my teammates. My team won my score was 0 kills 0 deaths 59 assist.

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