The GamerSushi Show, Ep 34: To Be Fair

A new challenger arrives: Episode 34 of the podcast, in which we repeat the phrase, “To Be Fair” quite a bit, even though we are usually anything but fair in these raucous casts which we pod. Also, sorry for Anthony’s robot voice. These things happen over the tubes.

As per usual, we bounce around along various topics, including but not quite limited to Team Bondi, Valve, GameFly’s PC rentals and a throwback to Metroid Prime. After that, we launch into a game of Fill in the Blank, where we vocabitate about next gen consoles, The Old Republic’s expected sales numbers and Bethesda claiming the word Scrolls.

We recorded this guy the day before Counter-Strike: GO was announced, so sadly there’s none of that on there. But next week! Oh, next week there will be counters struck, you guys.

So, listen to it. Give it mad ratings. <3.

00:00:24 Intro
00:02:20 All the Things! (Back Catalog, Team Bondi and Valve)
00:16:35 GameFly is Free Right?
00:23:13 How Nick Learned to Stop Shooting and Hate Metroid Prime
00:32:47 Game Time!
00:33:14 Fill in the Blank: President Mike Capps asking what’s the point of next gen consoles is _______
00:42:48 Fill in the Blank: Analyst upping SWTOR year one sales from 1.5M to 3M is ______
00:55:56 Fill in the Blank: Bethesda saying Scrolls is their word is ______
01:03:58 Outro

The Big Questions: What’s on your back catalog? What are your thoughts on Metroid Prime? And what words would you use for Fill in the Blank? Go!

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7 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 34: To Be Fair”

  1. Man, L.A. Noire totally tanked itself in the second half of the game. I think they ruined a good title with the second half of the game.

    Haha the starcraft story sounds hilarious. The GameFly thing I am really wondering about. I want to see how it plays out and what it all entails.

    I never played Metroid either. Lots of people loved it though.

    I think the point of a next generation console should be to push the envelope on what the system can do, both software and hardware wise. Now, with things like mobile gaming, try and make it so they can handle its titles too. I think the consoles should be pushing what can be done and should at least be good enough to not need updates every year. Consoles are like PCs except they are single minded. Which makes me wonder if the line is going to start to blur. Eddys talk about that in here makes me think of that.

    The big PC gamers, are horrible. They are the worst haha. Coal PCs, patent it haha.

    So on the Scrolls thing. I think the word I would use is “Hubris”. I understand WHY they are doing it (Look at Apple, they sue people all the time, they want no one to confuse their produce with theirs). I think fighting it too much may hurt them more than it does good. No one will replace Apple, same thing no one will replace Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls. I think its silly, but I understand it. I also think it could come back to bite them in the end.

  2. Nice podcast guys.

    I really like the idea of renting games through GameFly. the reasion I don’t like Origins is that if it works then take two activision, and every other company out there is going to have there own service that you have to go to in order to play the game. I am fine with Origin existing as long as I can still buy the game on steam. Heck I still played game that required GfWL because I could get the game through steam.

    In the commentary for L4D2, they talk about leading players through the level by using the flow of water, light, and subtle music ques, in the swamp level.

    As far as what next generation consoles not being able to improve on graphics as much. I saw a graph that is used as an industry standard that projected the technology curve for the next five or so years, based in part off the technology growth over the past ten or so years, it basically said that by the time the next PlayStation/Xbox came outit could be five times more powerful than the PS3 or the 360. now outside of that, there are a lot of improvements that I think we could have on the current generation of consoles. To give just one example, I believe that TV has a much brighter future in consoles than it does in its current state, and a new console generation would help it make that leap.

    The Star Wars brand is still ridiculously popular. A week or two ago my family went to Disneyland and Star Tours, a five minute ride, had a 100 minute wait. At 9:00am the fastpass’ were already sold out until 11:00pm. on top of that when we got back home the one ride everyone would ask us about was the star tours ride. It is after all the second highest grossing franchise behind Harry Potter.

    “To Be Fair” I don’t think that it was Bethesda that initiated the lawsuit but ZeniMax the parent company of Bethesda. Todd Howard does not strike me as the kind of guy to start a lawsuit over a something like that. On a related note check out this interview between Notch and Todd Howard over at gameinformer

  3. -This podcast was FREE right? I forgot I paid my monthly subscription to my ISP, but was still able to access your site for FREE. It wasn’t EXTRA, I have UNLIMITED ACCESS to this site, RIGHT? Laugh your heads off =).

    -There is some truth to the “new x killing the old x” thing. Vinyl records are *different* than CD’s, not better necessarily (our house is full of hundreds of each). But what happened to 8-Tracks? They didn’t survive because they didn’t fit into a certain niche. Producers could bounce audio to VHS tapes, but people wouldnt buy VHS tapes and keep around a tape player just for audio quality!

    -I work with music almost every day and quality is very, very important and cleary audible to me. The difference isn’t that I’m a quality whore, it’s just because that is what I do on a daily basis. My audio gear is worth more than my PCs that run them, so if you thought I was a PC gaming elitist… well… If you can’t hear the difference between mp3 and FLAC, then hold on to that!! Enjoy that as much as you can!! When “listening to music” becomes “hearing how they made it” it really takes away from the experience…

    another great cast

  4. Great podcast as usual! A fantastic way to pass the time. Now time for my opinions:
    Metroid Prime is one of my fave games of all time. I loaded it up a week or two ago and lost myself in Talon IV for (wait for it!) IV or V hours. Fun, fun, fun!
    Corruption was easily the worst of the Primes so to anyone who only played that one, I’d recommend playing Prime 1 (& 2 if you like dimension hopping). I played them on the Gamecube but I keep intending to ask my gf’s brother if I can borrow his copy of the Trilogy on the Wii.
    @ Eddy & Mitch I enjoy your SC2 stories so much (even if it’s greek to me) so work this out, lol!

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