Valve Preparing New Counter-Strike for Q1 2012


If we posted every rumor that the videogame industry latched onto, this site would be one great slobbering mess. As it stands, we try to handle ourselves with poise amidst a whirlwind of easily debunked rumors, rampant speculation and URL hounding.

I’m ready to throw all of that out of the window for this rumor: Valve is set to release Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the long-awaited sequel to their huge FPS franchise, in Q1 of 2012. In terms of credibility, it seems that Valve has recently been inviting major players in the eSports community to their studios to test the game out, and have been making posts around the Web about their experiences.

Some of the other rumors associated with the game as of now are revamps of Dust and Aztec, new weapons, an updated version of the Source engine, a focus on 5 v 5 play and individual and team rankings. Supposedly, a press release should arrive from Valve about the matter soon, but I couldn’t wait to go ahead and get this up.

Whew. I managed to get through that without letting off a major “squee” of excitement or four. Now it’s your turn. Thoughts about this rumor? Could Valve actually have been secretly preparing this game and plan to launch it in just a few short months? Go!

Update: This is now official: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will release on XBLA, PSN and Steam in early 2012. Woot!

Source – ESEA News and VG247

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13 thoughts on “Valve Preparing New Counter-Strike for Q1 2012”

  1. Well, I am getting a decent laptop for going to uni. Could I end up having a repeat of your guys experiences? ie. Post-it: “Do not play”. 🙂
    Anyway, sounds cool. I always wanted to play CS:S but feared the EVE esque learning curve. If I start out on this at the same time as everyone else then maybe I’ll stand a chance lol.

  2. I’d be excited about this, since I never got into CS when it was at its most popular and when I tried about a year or two, it wasn’t fun at all because everyone else was way too good.

  3. Good god, look at those frankenguns.

    Much like Eddy and Nick, I played Counter-Strike heavily back in the day, so I’m down for anything that Valve puts out with the series. I’m done with the game in its current iteration, true, but given that CS is the standard that all MP games are held to, I’m interested to see how Valve will try and top it.

  4. Due to the fact that CS: Source is my all time favorite game, seeing this absolutely made me want to piss myself with excitement. I hope this isnt just some cruel joke.

  5. This should be fun. I missed the period of gaming where CS was the thing, but I played it casually when I was bored with console games a few years back. WHile I wasnt there for the big part of its life, I say it was a good FPS series 😀

    Looking forward to it

  6. Really looking forward to this, Loved CS:S so much one of the classic FPS’s.

    Even more glad its playable at Eurogamer Expo – my ticket just paid for itself.

  7. I am very skeptical… I will have to wait and see. Counter-Strike is still the game that I play the most, and Source was such a disappointment in comparison to the original game. It’s a very different experience. Maybe they’ll get it right this time?


    Starting along with everyone else won’t help your learning curve. CS is among the few games where most people who are good at shooters got their grit. including Quake and Unreal Tournament. Everyone good at CS or CS:S will be good at this game right out of the gates. Then again, if you’re playing on a console it will be very different and a whole new experience for a lot of the players, I’d imagine.

  8. @ Julez, I’m going on the assumption that there will be people like myself, new to Counter Strike, so there’ll maybe be some servers where there’ll be evenly matched players (ie. Noobs). I learn pretty quick so all going well I’ll be able to hold my own after a while. Or, more than likely, I’ll just go back to BF3 or MW3, lol. Counter Strike always sounded pretty cool so I’m willing to try. 🙂

  9. If this sucks the life out of me and my friends the way the original CounterStrike used to, then the following quote seems appropriate:
    “Oh God- Oh God- We’re all going to die!” ~Wash

  10. I’M SO EXICTED! [Appologies for Caps]

    I haven’t been playing CSS as long as many of you fella’s have, but nonetheless it is one of my top5 games. The fact that a new title is coming out simply blows my mind. I cannot wait.

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