The GamerSushi Show, Ep 33: Crafting Stars

Look at that, two weeks in a row. My, we are on something of a streak. In fact, you might even say that we are streaking. Just throwing that out there.

In this edition of the podcast, Jeff and Anthony acted like divas and stormed off the set, leaving myself, Nick and Mitch to discuss things all by our lonesome. We basically used this time to talk about all the things we can’t normally talk about with those two bozos around, which really means we spend a good chunk of time talking about StarCraft 2. It gets… fairly in depth at a couple of points, so hopefully you like that kind of thing. I know I do.

We also took the three-man opportunity to play a game we’ve never been able to play before on the podcast – a real-time edition of GameCop Versus LameCop, with each of us swapping roles as we see fit. I think the results are particularly entertaining, and hopefully you do, too. You will either love it or turn the podcast off and throw it from your window.

**Also a big shout out to Temp0, who’s song, “All I do is Stim” we stole for the outro this week. Check him out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud.**

So, check it out. Rate a thing. And enjoy.

00:00:25 Intro
00:02:18 From Lava
00:11:18 I Did(n’t) Kill My Wife
00:15:15 Huddle Mindy Bumble
00:22:39 You’re Terran Up My Heart
00:41:03 Game Cop vs Lame Cop Intro
00:42:58 Squeenix’s pricing of FF:T on iOS [Game Cop vs Lame Cop]
00:51:37 Iwata: Nintendo will make non 3D games for the 3DS [Game Cop vs Lame Cop]
00:59:53 Blizzard’s real-money Diablo 3 auction house [Game Cop vs Lame Cop]
01:08:38 Pitchford calls Borderlands 2 stories “shoddy journalism” [Game Cop vs Lame Cop]
01:17:39 Outro

The Big Questions: Have you played From Dust? Catherine? What is your experience with StarCraft 2? And where do you stand on these GameCop/LameCop issues? Go!

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19 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 33: Crafting Stars”

  1. In defense of my good name, I was actually out of town on a business trip.

    Also, I’m not a diva. I just want my coffee orders to be exactly right, and firmly believe that my underlings should be scalded by their mistakes. Doesn’t everyone?

  2. I, however, am a huge diva and if my bowl of M&M’s are not divided exactly by color with an equal amount in each bowl, then pods ain’t getting cast!

  3. I have to say, “Bonerlands 2” probably gave me the biggest laugh I had all day. Thank you for releasing a podcast on my Birthday 😀

  4. I had a similar experience to the “scariness” of Starcraft 2 with the online battling in Pokemon. When I first tried it out, I got absolutely hammered because I had no clue about the deeper mecahnics of the games – IV’s, EV’s, natures etc etc. But I’ve watched a lot of games on Youtube and found myself being able to predict a lot better, actually create teams that work well together. It really does just come down to practice, watching what other people try and shamelessly ripping off their ideas. 🙂 I don’t play too often because the Wifi here in Australia is pretty crappy, but its nice to at least pretend like I do ok.

    Also, Happy birthday Flango8

  5. [quote comment=”17347″]I have to say, “Bonerlands 2” probably gave me the biggest laugh I had all day. Thank you for releasing a podcast on my Birthday :D[/quote]
    Happy Birthday! Get anything good?

  6. Really enjoyed this episode of the cast I’m thinking of g nose nose etting that sc starter just to get used to the games mechanics and buy it when I get some more cash. Also Mitch almost made me do a spit take with that double zod noise, and happy birthday flango8

  7. First podcast I actually listened to… sorry bout that

    did I miss the SC2 community game night? I was wondering what leagues yall are and what race? Number 1 bronze zerg all the way…

  8. Loved the truth of the Catherine/Mass Effect wife rules segment – had me laughing hard into my keyboard at work. I’m definitely in the terror zone with Starcraft 2 – only a few battles into the single-player, ridiculously intimidated by the multi and its dense wall of jargon.

    Oh, and Gamecop vs. Lamecop was pure excellence. Took me a couple of hours to listen to the last 30 minutes so as not to get fired for excessive mirth.

  9. Great cast guys! I didn’t understand a word of that Starcraft conversation but it was fascinating to listen to.
    Also, LAVA!

  10. That moment with the whole “cheating on my spouse” thing had me laughing so hard! I remember when my boyfriend was watching me play Dragon Age: Orgins and commented on my multiple relationships. Alistair & Zevran, ftw.

    Still going as strong as ever guys! Keep it up!

  11. [quote comment=”17392″]Also, LAVA![/quote]

    Hi, I’m Bobby King.
    You know I don’t post comments, but I know that you do. And I notice that sometimes you screw up; you post the comment: It’s got no lava.
    You know how to remedy this situation? LavaFly. Because, hey, you don’t wanna post a comment without lava.


  12. @ DaPurpleSharpie I certainly do not!
    And on your comment about Dragon Age, I could never keep a relationship going with them both. Aliastair doesn’t deserve to be led on. Zevran was alright for the trophy but beyond that: Aliastair FTW (as a Human Female Noble, that ending was awesome)! As a straight male, it feels really weird saying that. My girlfriend always comments on my man-crush on Alistair. It’s not my fault he’s so likeable (okay REALLY weird now).
    I’m actually a bit of a hypocrite regarding infidelity because my main file was a Morrigan + Leliana relationship for a while lol. FTR, Leliana won out.
    Oh! I almost forgot to put “lava” in my comment. 🙂

  13. @DaPurpleSharpie and @SkubaPatr0l,

    I played as a male and I banged all of them. But in the end, since I was playing as a mage who was take no prisoners, I chose Morrigan. That voice…the side boob…I couldn’t resist.

  14. [quote comment=”17373″][quote comment=”17347″]I have to say, “Bonerlands 2” probably gave me the biggest laugh I had all day. Thank you for releasing a podcast on my Birthday :D[/quote]
    Happy Birthday! Get anything good?[/quote]

    Just some cash, I’m gonna try and upgrade my gaming PC.

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