Twenty Five Years of Metroid

metroid 25 anniversary

Much like The Legend of Zelda a few months ago, another one of Nintendo’s long-running franchises is celebrating twenty-five years in existence this week. This particular game is the company’s sci-fi dark horse Metroid, best known for its more mature feel and its female protagonist.

While Metroid is far from Nintendo’s most lucrative franchise, it was no less important than Zelda or Mario in forming the gaming landscape back in the early days. Besides the aforementioned gender bender it pulled, it was also played its part in the advent of the “Metroidvania” style of games where players would start off strong and lose their items to some unforeseen circumstances.

The Metroid series has also given me one of my favorite games ever, Metroid Prime. The first game in the franchise since Super Metroid in 1994, Metroid Prime took some early flak from fans because of the transition to First-Person-Shooter. Despite the nay-saying, the game was very well received, holding a 97/100 rating on Metacritic, one of the very few games in existence to do so. The game did see a couple of sequels, but the original Metroid Prime will always stand as the greatest game in the series to me. While this may not be a surprise to anyone, I did 100% the game and see the real ending.

Another thing that can’t be overlooked about the Metroid series is the music. Even though the themes are not as iconic as Zelda or Mario, the music in Metroid has always been one of my favorites, mostly because of its haunting nature. The music added to the lonely feeling of the games and has given rise to quite a few fan interpretations as well. Seriously, look up Metroid Metal if you don’t believe me.

It’s a shame that Metroid’s 25 anniversary is being a little over-looked by Nintendo, but after Metroid: Other M’s reception, I can’t really blame them. Do you guys have any memories of Metroid? What’s your favorite game in the series? Will we see another Metroid game?

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5 thoughts on “Twenty Five Years of Metroid”

  1. Metroid Prime is definitely the best. I loved the First-Person combat, and the exploration was fantastic.

    I hope we’ll see another Metroid game, another “reboot” like “Other M” in a couple years.

    I can’t see Nintendo really working on one, especially after Other M’s spectacular flop. Nintendo is really focusing on making sure the 3DS doesn’t fail completely, and working on stuff for the Wii U.

  2. I’m ashamed to say that the only metroid game I have played is the first half of Metroid Prime. I bought the entire trilogy when I got my Wii a year or so ago, and while I loved it when I was playing it, I got distracted by something else not long after I started and unfortunately never went back. I will go back and finish it at some point or another. I promise. Also, Samus is one of my favourites in the Smash Bros games.

  3. I love Metroid Prime. It was one of those games I couldn’t stop playing. Just one more room, one more room and oh, I stayed up all night.

    However, Super Metroid is probably one of the greatest games (to me) of all time and I would rank that as my favorite, although MP is a close 2nd.

    Metroid: Other M deserves a spot in hell next to Justin Bieber.

  4. I HATED Metroid Prime, but to be fair this was “FPSes are PC games ONLY. Console FPSes all suck and you suck” Nick. Maybe I should revisit it.

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