Bungie’s Anniversary ViDoc Features 20 Years of Gaming History

Bungie’s twentieth anniversary may have come and gone (and with it their stewardship of the Halo series) but they have one last present to give to their fans. Pulling footage and interviews from their long history of crafting awesome stuff, Bungie’s newest ViDoc deatils the company’s past in depth, including some frank revelations concerning Halo 2 and its notorious ending.

There’s also a bit about Bungie’s relationship with their passionate community and a few celebrity interviews besides (yes, Anthony, Nathan Fillion is in there). This beast clocks in at just about an hour, so get comfy and prepare to relive your memories of Halo, Myth, Marathon and Oni.

Now that Halo is out of Bungie’s control and they’re onto bigger and better things, do you think that their new project will garner as much acclaim as Halo? What could their new project be? There are some tantalizing hints at the end…

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4 thoughts on “Bungie’s Anniversary ViDoc Features 20 Years of Gaming History”

  1. I watched this earlier, and man, did it bring back memories. I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda choking up. I grew up with Bungie’s games, and it seems like an end of an era. I cannot wait for what’s to come from them.

  2. That really was amazing. Honestly amazing. I feel so much nostalgia.

    Honestly, I think their new project will be unbelievably successful. I think its the team they have, and I do think they can do it. As for what it is? If I had to guess, from what I have seen, I think its going to be something thats going to incorporate space and new planets. My wild guess which I can be quoted on now as my first thought, is going to be something very player run. Perhaps a game where players create the structures and cities on planets, its player run in its multiplayer aspect. Its going to be a massively expansive game, one that probably combines both 3rd and 1st person. They hint at scale, which is why I think its going to be something that big and expansive. I dont know diddly about what story may hold, but I believe its going to be a game on a scale that we havent seen yet.

    Heres to a long successful life for Bungie. For me, Im about to go play some Halo CE 🙂

  3. Bungie has always been one of my favorite developers (they’re the ones who got me starting with learning who was behind the games I love), so they’ll have my support no matter what.

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