Bastion is a Callback to the Games of Your Youth

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Bastion was released this past Wednesday, ushering the in the annual Summer of Arcade on Xbox LIVE. Made by Supergiant Games (and published by Warner Brothers Games), Bastion is an isometric RPG-style beat-em-up that is supposed to invoke the feeling that games gave us back when we were kids. The folks at Supergiant have said this repeatedly since the game was announced and I’d say that they really nailed it.

Taking on the role of “The Kid”, you set out to restore the Bastion, a safe-haven where the residents of Cealondia agree to meet during a catastrophe (called “The Calamity” in this case). Along the way your adventures are narrated by one of the other characters and it’s this persistent monologue that really makes the game shine. The presentation of this game is fantastic, from the dynamic narration to the visuals and the music (oh man, that music). Supergiant has made a classic here, if only in the new steps it takes in storytelling.

The game isn’t exactly perfect, though; the combat is a little too simplistic and repetitive, even if you can apply new attributes and boosts to your variety of weapons. Aside from that minor blemish, Bastion is really, really good and has already given me another music-in-gaming moment that might just top Read Dead Redemption (please be careful clicking that link if you don’t want to be spoiled!).

Is anyone else playing Bastion right now? What are your thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Bastion is a Callback to the Games of Your Youth”

  1. It looks pretty interesting. When it comes out on PS3 I’ll probably get it.
    I keep hearing about the narrator and how good it is. Sounds like a unique selling point.

  2. Between this and From Dust, I’m missing my freaking Red-Ringed Xbox right about now. Depending on specs, I may be able to get From Dust for PC, but this one…I may need to replace the Xbox before Christmas.

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