Final Fantasy Versus XIII Creator Skips Cut-Scenes

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

In news that could only be described as “shocking” or “total bullcrap”, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura, the acclaimed and maligned creator of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII and a host of characters with too many zippers/buckles/amnesia has stunned the entire world with the following statement to Famitsu via 1UP:

I suppose it’s a matter of opinion, but I wind up skipping most cutscenes I run into because I want to get back into the game.

Frankly, I’m stunned. If you’ve ever played or indeed even heard of one of Nomura’s games, you would know why this news really should have shut down the Internet today. I’m kind of disappointed.

Oh, there was some other news too, namely that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming along nicely and will have a new type of story-telling element that Nomura says are “realtime event scenes that the player can control. These scenes are part of a new gameplay feature which, as far as I know, hasn’t been done anywhere else.”

To me, that’s a good sign. It shows that even one of Japan’s biggest developers can try new things and seek new ways to tell their stories. I have no idea what this new feature will be or if it will work at all, but I give him an “A” for effort.

What say you? How can games tell stories in new and exciting ways?

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2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Versus XIII Creator Skips Cut-Scenes”

  1. lol… So why are his games so damn full of them? Maybe he is beginning to realize how crap cut scenes are. If I wanted to watch a movie I would do that. Also the “realtime event scenes” just sounds like cutscenes or quick time events.

  2. That reminds me, I gave up on XIII. I doubt I’ll give Versus XIII a go. Even if I am interested in the new form of story telling. At the risk of sounding pessimistic though, I really doubt it’s as new as he claims.

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