Twenty Minutes of BioShock Infinite Gameplay for Your Friday

Yes, you read that right, twenty minutes of BioShock Infinite gameplay have been gifted to us by the boss of all bosses, GTTV’s Geoff Keighley. In reality it’s a fifteen minute demo book-ended by Ken Levine of Irrational Games chatting about Infinite, but that’s nothing to scoff at either.

One of my big gaming resolutions for 2011 and beyond was to not get dragged into the hype train and consume every piece of media I can get my hands on, but given the quality of what I’ve seen, that pledge has been tough to hold up. Even though BioShock Infinite isn’t coming out until 2012, it’s got me salivating like a fat dude jogging past an ice cream store. What did you guys think of this demo, which was originally shown to journalists at E3? Looking good?

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2 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes of BioShock Infinite Gameplay for Your Friday”

  1. Bioshock was one of the last games I physically walked into a store and purchased. I’ve installed it probably 6 or 7 times and never finished it.. It was so poorly ported, clunky and disappointing that I’m just HOPING this game is as fun as it looks. I was mislead the first time, I don’t want to be fooled again. I’ll give this game a try, but it really does STILL look on rails and idiotafied. The concept really looks sweet, I just don’t want to trigger set pieces between running around triggering explosions…

  2. Bioshock Infinite is really looking impressive, I can hardly wait. I’m really interested in how the story will progress further. You can see that there will be moment’s like in Bioshock, where you’re about to get to your objective, but then a wall collapses or a door closes to prevent you from continuing, like when “Songbird” stopped them as they were about to leave. It’s not a complaint, just an observation. 🙂

    I’ve finally been getting around to playing the first Bioshock, it’s a great game, not as good as Half-Life 2 in my opinion, but still excellent, definitely one of my favorites.

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