Somebody Please Explain Frozen Synapse to Me

frozen synapse

On a whim yesterday, a friend and I purchased Frozen Synapse on Steam to ward off the gaming drought we currently find ourselves in. The game was 50% off and it even comes with a second free copy, so it seemed like a steal.

I had seen a couple video on the YouTubes explaining the basic concept of the game, but when I tried out the game proper, I was a little taken aback. For the uninformed, Frozen Synapse is a turn-based tactical game, sort of in the vein of the planning phase from the old Rainbow Six games. You tell your troops what to do, down to the direction they face and where they’ll run, and hope that your choices lead to victory.

While I do get the basic mechanics of the game, I’m a little unclear on the multiplayer aspects. Since the game came with a second free copy, I had thought that there would be an AI vs mode, or maybe a co-op campaign. Unfortunately, the game has neither of those, but at 50% off it was hard to pass up.

Since Frozen Synapse is sitting on my hard drive, I’m turning to you guys for advice. How do I get my money’s worth from Frozen Synapse? What modes would you recommend for anyone who’s been interested in this game? What are your thoughts on it? The game has been getting pretty good reviews, so I’d like to give it an honest try.

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7 thoughts on “Somebody Please Explain Frozen Synapse to Me”

  1. It’s like playing SWAT 2 but in the world of Tron whilst being turn based in a permanent fog of war environment.
    Like playing chess without being able to see the opponents pieces and moving all 16 pieces at once.

  2. There is a vs AI mode.
    Go to Singleplayer and there’s a Skirmish box. Use that.

    Also, the Multiplayer is somewhat like internet chess, I guess.
    You create a challenge to another player, make a move and the server sends it off to him.
    Then he makes his move, submits it and then it’s back to you. This repeats until one player wins.

  3. Haven’t played this one yet, but depending on what people say, I may have to check it out. I’ve been on a Steam binge as well.

    Speaking of which, I picked up Torchlight (unfortunately it’s not $3.99 anymore, but still a bargain at $7.49), and haven’t been able to stop playing. If you need something to get you by, I highly recommend it. It’s kind of shameless in its ripping-off of Diablo (even the freakin’ town music is similar!), but it’s gorgeous and inviting where Diablo is unforgiving and harsh. This means that it’s a little on the easy side (although the extra dungeons can get dangerous at times), but highly addictive.

  4. I took a look at this game and was very close to buying it, but now I’m glad I didn’t.

    God, Steam is so amazing.

  5. The way I do it, is to have about three multiplayer games going at once, then I’ll either play skirmish against AI, or play Campign. It’s a great game once you get into it.

    My brother bought the game and gave me his free copy, he and I have played tons of versus games and we’re having a lot of fun. I really recommend just playing a lot of versus games just for some friendly competition.

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