Twelve Minutes of Arkham City Gameplay Goodness

Since it’s Canada Day up here in the Great White North, I’ll make this short and sweet. Developers Rocksteady have dropped twelve minutes of Batman: Arkham City gameplay on us, and I’ve embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. You’ll see Batman beating fools up, jumping on fools and tracking fools from the shadows. There’s also a snippet of Catwoman gameplay, so enjoy that as well.

What did you guys think? Is this looking like a worthy follow up to Arkham Asylum? Hit me up with those comments!

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5 thoughts on “Twelve Minutes of Arkham City Gameplay Goodness”

  1. The gameplay looks great, although I gotta say Batman’s voice seems a little stiff.

  2. This looks utterly amazing, I can’t wait to finally get it. Comes out a week after my birthday, I could be locked up for a solid week in my room playing the junk out of it. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

  3. Looks great. Minor refinements here and there in the combat (counter thrown objects!), seemingly more exploration and more Joker! Yay!
    I’m interested to see how Catwoman fits into the gameplay. Are there sections where it does a flashback? Or will it be like the unlockable “Seperate Ways” in Resident Evil 4 where you saw where and when Ada did what?

  4. The game is looking really good, but I agree with Drell about Batman’s voice, I can see it getting very annoying, very quickly.

  5. Thanks for posting this guys. GTA Batman looks awesome. This is definitely a fall purchase for me.

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