Valve Treats Us With Meet the Medic and Free Team Fortress 2

Valve certainly is doing everything they can to make up for a lack of Half-Life 3, now aren’t they? After dropping Portal 2 on us earlier this year, they’ve turned their attention towards their other critically-acclaimed darling: Team Fortress 2. With this week’s Uber Update promising tons of content and a new Meet the Team video to boot, Valve also announced today that Team Fortress 2 will be free forever. Now isn’t that quite the how-do-you-do? As you might except, Meet the Medic is filled with blood and guts, albeit in that Team Fortress style, so use discretion if necessary.

Not my favorite Meet the Team video so far, but the Sniper and Spy trailers would be hard to top. So there it is, more loving from Valve to all of us. Apparently there’s some discontent out there concerning Team Fortress 2’s new price tag, but this game has been around since 2007; chances are, you’ve gotten your money’s worth by now. What do you guys think of the new trailer and Team Fortress 2’s low, low price?

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7 thoughts on “Valve Treats Us With Meet the Medic and Free Team Fortress 2”

  1. I bought it for about $60 along with the Orange Box pack about a year ago. I dunno. I guess I’m just kinda irritated that I didn’t wait longer.

    But then again, I suppose with all the new hats they’re putting out in the shop, they really don’t need anymore revenue from the game’s purchase.

  2. I bought Team Fortress 2 with the Orange box on August 21, 2008. I still play TF2 to this very day. I played it an hour from posting this message. I have loved TF2 from then to now with a complete passion. It is THE multiplayer game that never stops giving. Sure i stop every few months, but I just come back more and more. I have loved seeing TF2 grow from an early age.

    My view on this choice by Valve is a mixed one. Seeing a game I truly love so much spoiled by… by… other guys…. I almost feel cheated in a way, but don’t since TF2 has always been like this. (4 years from release and still releasing monthly content. Beat that). It’s fantastic that they’re releasing this content to everybody. Shows what a great company Valve truly is. Has this choice turned me off TF2? Slightly. Will it stop me from playing and owning noobs? No.

    – A sincere Team Fortress 2 player since August 21, 2008.

  3. Well considering that the Orange box had what, 4 WHOLE GAMES!!, besides Team Fortress 2, I do not feel any discontent, if you got the game last week yeah I feel bad but Valve had to do it some time so why not do it now. Besides how many other developers would give you over 200 updates for FREE!!

    P.S. I am also glad because now I can play with a lot more of my friends because they don’t have to buy it.

  4. Im pissed about it. Im also going to sell my 150$ worth of a virtual goods the game I spent absolutely nothing on. I quit competitive tf2.

    Also can frequent poster be given exception from awaiting moderation (not me but others who always post).

  5. I’m still going to get The Orange Box when I get a laptop. If there’s the option, I’ll donate money to them just as a huge thank-you. God, Valve make me glad to be a gamer. You can just point to them and say “That’s evidence of gamers being kind and compassionate”. Also they make damn fine games!
    As for the video, it’s my third fave. Spy being the first and Sniper the second.

  6. I felt like this one was a little off what all the others have been. Guess it was still good though. Was kind of hoping for more backstory.

    Also I think its cheap to call it a FTP game. Doesnt that mean you had to pay to actually play it, as in per month? Because wow is Pay to play. Guild Wars is not Pay to Play. Unless Im mistaken on wordage here, I think they should have just said “TF2 is now free”. Never felt like it was a pay to play. Halo isnt a pay to play. Yes I had to pay to buy the game so I could play it, but I didnt have to pay for the multiplayer.

  7. Haha, This was incredibly epic, which is a word I try not to use anymore, but that’s all it was. Loved it as much as all the others. On the game being free, right on, that’s how these MODS started and that’s how these MODS should have always stayed. I got CS for free with HL when I was a kid, when I lost my steam account and had to pay $10 just for a new copy of CS, I felt a little cheated.

    Sure, TF2 isn’t a mod, and I don’t mean to say it should have always been free, but I like that they’re giving it away now. I played it for a while when it came out, but I’m just too overwhelmed by all the updates to get back into it. Plus, having no regular server or friends that play really makes it seem unappealing.

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