Would You Rather: Summer 2011 Edition

Oh summer, you have unleashed the full fury of your fireballs upon us. Or at least, that’s the case in Texas. The constant 100+ temperatures are a reminder that yes, we are now fully in the grips of summer’s suffocating heat, which usually means a healthy summer drought of gaming. Or does it?

As such, we thought it was time to drop in with a brand new edition of Would You Rather. This time around, we ask you all kinds of summery questions, just to see how you take the heat. There are a couple of good Sophie’s Choices in there, so try not to hate us too much for the decision-torture.

For the Would You Rather newbies out there, the game is easy: we ask and you dish out your response. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

Don’t let your answers suck, though. There is a special bat that Anthony lugs around in his trunk for people that don’t give good responses. Let’s just say that it is dented and has seen a fair share of action. So yeah, he will hurt you if you don’t answer well. Go!

1. Would you rather play a game on your backlog you’re not really thrilled about, or go do something else unrelated to video games?

2. Would you rather that upcoming games were shown on their strongest platform (such as BF3 with PC) or equal coverage all around?

3. Would you rather have a co-op campaign, or a survival/horde mode?

4. Would you rather replay a game you love or play a new mediocre summer release?

5. Would you rather miss a summer of movie releases or a fall of gaming releases?

6. Would you rather go the rest of the summer without playing video games at all, or be forced to play video games 8 hours a day for the rest of summer?

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15 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Summer 2011 Edition”

  1. 1. If I’m not really thrilled about it? Definitely go do something else. I’ve been reading Joe Abercrombie’s The Heroes for too long now.

    2. Strongest. If it’s just a preview, I want to be wowed.

    3. Co-op campaign. I miss the day’s of Baldur’s Gate 2, though Eurogamer compared Dungeon Siege to that, so I might not be missing it much longer.

    4. Whether it’s a game I own but haven’t gotten around to yet (New Vegas) or just an old favorite (Demon’s Souls, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, 3D Dot Game Heroes), I’d much rather play these than just some game only because it’s new.

    5. Any summer? If we’re talking this year, Harry Potter trumps all (sorry Dark Souls and Skyrim), but any other year, and I’d much rather miss the movies.

    6. No video games for the summer. I love me some 8 hour game days, even 40 hour game weeks, but the whole summer is just too much.

  2. 1. I’m glad you said “play a game on your backlog” – my reading backlog is getting ridiculously large, so I’d do that

    2. I think if games are coming out multi-platform, then the developers should definitely focus on the strongest platform, that’s going to sell more copies of the game. That said, I think there should be at least some footage from all consoles so people with the option can make a choice as to which version they are going to buy.

    3. Probably co-op, but I rarely get a chance to get online with my friends.

    4. Defintely replay a game I love, thats why I’m still playing Mass Effect 2.

    5. I’d rather miss a movie, they are usually only 1.5-2 hours long, easy enough to catch up later on DVD.

    6. Considering how many games I’ve missed over the last few years, I’d have to say play 8 hrs a day. Is that bad?

  3. 1.) If I don’t feel like playing games, I won’t force myself to. I’m discovering that having a life is actually pretty cool. lol I would, however, stress out about having purchased a game that I have no will to play.

    2.) I don’t mind a game showing it’s “good side”. Naturally, games on the PC will usually be able to push their graphics output. As long as the game isn’t just hastily ported to other platforms, I don’t mind this for multi-platform games.

    3.) I’d like a combination of both, but that’s me being idealistic. Co-op campaigns tend to get their pacing totally messed up because you have 4 players scrambling over each other to get all the kills. I prefer Survival / Horde modes because they are just simpler to deal with, while campaigns based on story are better for solo play.

    4.) As much as I hate losing the spark of a game that I enjoyed because I replayed the game just from heart, going through the motions, I’d rather not waste money on some mediocre game even if it is a ‘new’ campaign.

    5.) I’d rather miss the fall releases and get them around Christmas time when I actually have a vacation to play. Who knows, the prices might drop. Might.

    6.) I’d play games that long each day anyway, so… Well then again, this summer I’m gonna be busy with work, and I’ve wanted to get together with friends and whatnot. Once Deus Ex 3 rolls around in August, however, I’m sure I’ll be playing 24 hours a day.

    Good questions, Eddy. Can’t wait for the next WYR!

  4. 1. Do something unrelated for sure. Like a good book. Or, in summer’s case, go swimming.

    2. Equal coverage. I’m probably going to get BF3 on both PC and Xbox (due to friends being on Xbox) but I’ll be buying the 360 version first. I would like to see the game running on the system I’m going to play on.

    3. Co-op campaign. I love stories in my games, so when I can have another person along for the ride (and it makes sense and works) then I’m all ears. Examples of co-op specific games done right: Splinter Cell: Conviction and Portal 2. Soooo fun. But horde sure is fun…

    4. Replay games I love. Right now I’m playing the PC copy of Mass Effect 2 I got for free for buying Dragon Age 2 in its first month, and I gotta say, just adding a keyboard and mouse makes it like a new experience for me. I just love that game so much, even if it is my 5th playthrough. Screw you Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

    5. Summer movies for sure! I’m not a big summer movie guy; high special effects, low story movies are not my cup of tea (I loved Super 8 though). I would be beside myself if I missed Gears 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Batman, etc. this year. And I would be just fine seeing the good summer movies when the came out on Blu Ray and Netflix.

    6. No games at all. Because by the time the good games hit around fall, I would be way too burnt out.

  5. 1) I have 800 drawings due my first day at DigiPen Institute of Technology so…

    2) Show whats good at first, then show us what it looks like on the other platforms.

    3) Coop, just finished playing through the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Coop with my brother, I wish we could have a Splinter Cell game that was just the Coop.

    4) Replay games that I <3 save the money for better games.

    5) I miss the majority of fall releases anyway, I just get them on sale or for Christmas.

    well I am going into a job market where I very well may be forced to play games (or at least trouble shoot and go back to coding/designing) for 8 hours a day.

  6. 1. Would you rather play a game on your backlog youโ€™re not really thrilled about, or go do something else unrelated to video games?

    Something unrelated, primarily reading. I just picked up the ‘Game of Thrones’ novel and intend to start reading it as soon as I’ve finished ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. I also recently finisshed the ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogy, a really good read. It’s kinda’ like Artemis Fowl where it can suit both a younger and older audience and has a great world and story to it.

    2. Would you rather that upcoming games were shown on their strongest platform (such as BF3 with PC) or equal coverage all around?

    Primarily shown on its strongest platform, but also shown on other platforms. What will BF3 be like on PS3?!!??!?

    3. Would you rather have a co-op campaign, or a survival/horde mode?

    If I can’t have an option of Horde mode ENDING, then Co-Op. Actually, Co-Op regardless.

    4. Would you rather replay a game you love or play a new mediocre summer release?

    Replay. I’ve been playing a LOT of Dragon Age: Origins and Arkham Asylum for no adequately explored reason other than they’re.

    5. Would you rather miss a summer of movie releases or a fall of gaming releases?

    Movies. They’re more easily caught up on. Speaking of summer movies, I saw Green Lantern yesterday. Not half bad.

    6. Would you rather go the rest of the summer without playing video games at all, or be forced to play video games 8 hours a day for the rest of summer?

    I hardly think I’d need to be “Forced”, lol. It’s a hard choice. I want to enjoy different things over summer and get a job, go out with my girlfriend, friends, do some airsoft, etc., but I REALLY, REALLY want to get caught up on games like Portal, Dead Space, finish L.A. Noire and get inFamous 2 and whatever else I haven’t yet played.
    It’s in my nature as a human to do things like socialise and live life. It’s in my nature as a gamer to play games a lot. Therefore, the two contradict each other and their answers abhor a resolution and make this question a paradox! Aha! I’ve avoided answering it! *shifty eyes*

  7. 1. Most of the time something unrelated, despite loving video games, the real world is really where we all live and is defiantly where I live my life. That being said, occasionally, I force myself to play a backlogged game and once in a blue moon discover an awesome experience I didn’t expect. Case in point, I’m a PC guy for FPS’s, never on console, but I recently played Killzone 2 on PS3 and freaking loved it. Loved it so much I bought Killzone 3 as soon as I was done. AWESOME games.

    2. I think the fair thing to do is have equal coverage on all. However having a pretty decent rig, I personally really want to see games on their strongest platform. More PC games with high level graphics and graphics settings, more PS3 games at 1080p, etc.

    3. Co-op. Haven’t had much experience with survival/horde mode but recently starting doing some MW2 and Borderlands co-op with a buddy and it’s pretty damn fun.

    4. Replay a loved past game. Period.

    5. Well it’d be cheaper to miss a fall of games and just do them months later when the price has dropped but if you love games like I do, that’s a difficult proposition. So I’d probably say “summer of movie releases”. Netflix can remedy that problem (watch all of the summer movies) pretty easily at a later date.

    6. That is a brutal all or nothing. I’m so glad life isn’t like that. I think I would rather go without playing video games at all. I know that seems like a betrayal but I look at it this way. First of all gaming is supposed to be fun and if it’s dictated to you when you play and for how long the fun will fade fast (Unless it’s GTA5), thus defeating the purpose of gaming. Also I could then spend that summer working my but off and making enough money to buy all the games I want during the rest of the year. Jackpot.

  8. 1. Go do something else unrelated to video games: I don’t know why a game would be on by backlog if I wasn’t thrilled :), but I think I would rather put it off for as long as possible, and even go do something productive if I feel so inclined.

    2. Strongest platform: I like to be dazzled.

    3. Survival/horde mode: Lots of replayability, and the teamwork element is emphasized.

    4. Replay a game I love: A game I love rarely gets old/boring for me I have no problem with replaying good games, a mediocre game is simply mediocre, even if it’s new, and therefore, not worth it.

    5. Miss a summer of movie releases: I play games much more than I watch movies, and most of the year’s best games release in the fall, and I can’t miss that.

    6. Go the rest of the summer without playing video games at all: I would be incredibly productive for once, I could spend more time exercising. An 8 hour gaming day is fun every once in a while, but if I had to do it every day, I would go crazy.

  9. 1. Both! During the day I’ll be out on the deck with beer and bbq, during the night I’ll be in front of my screen in the darkness.

    2. …PC is always the strongest platform, right XD? Show it off, but be sure to show the differences in the versions.

    3. Co-Op Campaign hands down. It’s some of the best gaming I’ve ever experienced.

    4. Mediocre summer release. I’m getting really bored with a lot of games lately. Need something fresh to jump into, even if it’s just meh.

    5. I’d rather miss a summer movie release. I’m not much for going to the movies. Most of the movie watching that gets done in our house is when everyone’s up late and has nothing better to do but throw on Video on Demand or something from the library.

    6. I guess it depends on the games, and on what I’d be doing all summer. It’s tough to say though; some days I won’t game at all, and I’m sure on other beautiful days I’ll be inside gaming it up. HAD to pick I’d say summer without games.

    These are some GREAT questions.

  10. 1. I’ve got lots of loves out there (books, movies, TV shows, bike riding), so I’d probably do that. I tend to find all kinds of excuses not to hit my gaming backlog these days.

    2. I’d love to see the game running at its absolute best. So yeah, show me the goods.

    3. I think a co-op campaign. Nothing beats playing through an epic game for the first time with a buddy.

    4. I think I’d rather replay a game I love. I’ve been eyeing Mass Effect 2 again these days…

    5. I’d miss a summer of movie releases. I could just catch them a few months later when they hit the shelves, and it’d be cheaper anyway.

    6. I feel like I’d almost rather go the summer without playing games. Even playing for 2-3 hour stretches these days is a bit taxing.

  11. Ah. I think this is actually my second “WYR?”, so naturally, I’m a bit unseasoned.
    Let’s just brush off the ol’ brain matter and answer some questions, shall we?

    1. Wow. I didn’t expect to be overwhelmed by the first question. Heh. I’d much rather play video games than do almost anything, with the small exception of soccer. Indoor, outdoor, on a roof, in the rain: if I see even one person kicking a soccer ball, I’m gone.

    2. I’ve no problem with a game being shown on the PC, especially if it plays better. What bothers me is when they fail to mention that it is considerably worse for other consoles. I know that the PC has limitless (well, “near” limitless) capabilities, but don’t try and sell a game based off graphics that can only be played on a PC (coughcough CRYSIS); its not fair. Sell the gameplay, the story line, even the characters, but just saying that a game “looks nice” on PC and failing to add anything else is a huge pet peeve. Long story short: just mention the downfalls.

    3. I’m assuming that Survival mode would be single player? Why can’t we have a killer combination of BOTH?! *sniffle* I can dream, right?

    4. Replay. I’d hate to waste ten hours of my time with a lack-luster, new game, when I could play a game I already know and have fun.

    5. I’d miss the movies. Honestly, I only go to movies so that I have something to add to the random conversations I have with my co-workers or random customers at work. I think I could survive a few months of silence. *smirk*

    6. You mean, compared to the almost 6 and a half hours I already spend on video games? Lemme see, 8 hours of video games, plus 2 hours of soccer, 8 hours of work, and 6 hours of sleeping? That kinda sounds like a typical day for me already. XD

    Awesome list, Eddy. I was sweating bullets with each question!

  12. 1. I’d go do something non-videogame related. I’ve been finding it much harder recently to force myself to sit through a bad game.

    2. Strongest platform, please.

    3. Co-op is some of the most fun I have in games, so that.

    4. Replay a game. I remember stopping with GTA4 when it was new to play some Doom 2, and stopping with Command and Conquer 3 when it was new for Deus Ex. Good times…

    5. I’d miss the movie. I rarely have as fun socially with a movie as I do with a game.

    6. I’d go the summer without games. I’d burn out way to easy, way too fast.

  13. 1. Probably something else. I enjoy getting out of the house and if the game wasnt really exciting me, then something fresh and new would be best. I can play a game thats 5 years old anytime, even if its 5 years old.

    2. Equal coverage. I know my PC will look better. Show what the base line will be. BUT also show what it CAN do. Thats still a major selling point.

    3. Co-Op.

    4. Depends on the replay value of the first. If its still got good replay value, Ill replay it.

    5. Summer of Movies. So far, they have struck out this summer on a lot of the big blockbusters. Kung Fu Panda 2 has been one of the best so far lol

    6. None at all. The games in the fall are going to outplay the ones out now.

  14. 1. Something else unrelated to video games. Dance with Dragons hits next month, and I’ve been getting back into running pretty heavily. Plus, with all my free time, I don’t have a backlog.

    2. Well, considering I’m getting BF3 on PC, I suppose the strongest platform would be my choice. I know I can’t run it anywhere near what they’ve shown, but it’s still awesome.

    3. Co-op campaign.

    4. Replay a game that I love.

    5. Miss a summer of movie releases, even though this year has been really good.

    6. Ohh, this one is hard. Probably not play games for the rest of the summer.

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