The GamerSushi Show, Ep 31: E3 2011 Edition

The most epic week of the gaming year has passed us by, and there’s certainly enough news to keep everyone buzzing for the rest of 2011. That’s why we fast tracked this week’s podcast, in order to get it out the day after E3 ended. The result is a super-sized podcast that’s fit for one of Skyrim’s mammoth-herding giants.

In it, you’ll hear our thoughts on everything from the ridiculously confusing Wii U announcements to fighting dragons, buildings forts and rips in space-time. After all of that, we embark on a hilarious rendition of Grades, where we evaluate each of the “Big 3” conferences in turn.

Alright, you know what comes next, fools. Listen + Rate + Enjoy.

00:00:25 Intro
00:02:28 Skyrim
00:15:58 Gears 3
00:19:57 Saints Row 3
00:28:55 Tomb Raider
00:33:40 Uncharted 3
00:36:40 Halo: CE HD
00:41:11 AC: Rev
00:47:35 SWTOR
00:50:44 BF3
00:59:38 BioShock Infinite
01:09:50 GAME TIME! [Grades]
01:10:38 Grade the MS Press Conference [Grades]
01:26:40 Grade the Sony Press Conference [Grades]
01:42:05 Grade the Nintendo Press Conference [Grades]
02:07:13 Outro

The Big Questions: What would you grade each of the press conferences from E3? What games really impressed you, and which ones moved up on your list of games to play? Go!

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11 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 31: E3 2011 Edition”

  1. One of the best casts so far. It was nice to hear some filled-in debate on E3, as I’ve missed quite a bit of the coverage.

    May I suggest a glossary/list of links for your podcasts to some of the things discussed? It’s a little hard some times to find out info on what is being talked about.

  2. YAY – 2 hr podcast!! Thanks guys.

    I’ve already made most of my thoughts known in the conference breakdown articles, so I won’t say too much again. But I am now amazingly hyped for Skyrim. I remember posting on the last Pop Quiz that i wasn’t all that excited for it since I’d never got into Oblivion. But know having seen the demo from E3, I can see it totally destroying my life come Summer holidays. I should have just finished university, but I can tell my job hunting is going to suffer.

    Overall, the Big 3 conferences were definitely down from last year. I totally agree with Nick’s comment about the industry getting fractured. It just felt like every company didn’t know what they were doing – trying to say everything, and in the end saying nothing at all (to quote someone from the last E3 podcast)

  3. Skyrim and BF3 were the big ones for me, and now I’m really interested in Bioshock Infinite (I’ll have to finish Bioshock 1). The Assassin’s Creed trailer was AMAZING, my favorite trailer, ever.

    I really enjoyed the grades game on this one. I do agree with everything you guys touched on.

    This cast, and the last one, are my favorites so far. Keep it up.

  4. Nice. I love long podcasts so they’re a lovely treat once in a while. I also love E3 casts so this and last year’s E3 casts are my fave. Also, I love the “GAME TIME” announcement. Always makes me jump, lol.

  5. Skyrim is going to be so amazing. Seriously going to be one of the best games ever. To me, Oblivion was magical, and all I can think about is how much better skyrim is promising to be. Im very excited. The world of Skyrim is going to be phenomenal. The amount of dungeons, its going to be so fantastic.
    Im going for PC just because of the control that you can have. I would hate playing a TES game without console.

    I dont know about Gears 3. I honestly dont. But if its that good, I might.

    Did all of you play Saints Row? Every time I hear about the game, people say that is amazingly fun. Perhaps I can try it.

    Uncharted 3, will get.

    Halo DE Anniversary….omg going to get and play so much. Gunna be great. So great. Also glad they are going to re-draw MC. His helmet looked weird. And yes, best campaign of them all. Also amazing multiplayer.

    Ok the Assassins Creed multiplayer….it was fun but guess what. UBISOFT HAS SHITTY SERVERS! Its what ruined GRAW2 and AC2s multiplayer for me. Their servers suck so bad. Its hard to find games, they go down constantly, and it ruins the experience. They better fix that.

    BF3 get.

    Really liking the comments on the M$ press conference. Really great stuff guys. Same goes for Sony. Nintendo…YES. Hated what they did. It was horrible. And I really dislike the Wii U. I really do. Its going to be utter fail I think. And the online aspect is hugely important.

    And Ill just leave this here –

    1. Holidays plus vacations plus no gaming news made us decide to take a few weeks off. It’ll resume soon as season 2.

  6. Supernovaforce just reminded me that you haven’t done the RE5 thing in a while. I demand a resurgence of love for that game! Lol.

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