GamerSushi Asks: What Was Your Game of Show for E3 2011?

battlefield 3 e3 2011 game of show

This is kind of a tricky GamerSushi Asks, what with all the quality showings from many publishers and developers, but I feel that we can get an interesting discussion going around this one. Now that E3 2011 is behind us, we can gaze back fondly at the at the games and scoff at the terrible press conferences and Mr. Caffeine.

Since we’ve seen everything that the industry’s biggest trade show had to offer, we’re going to open this up and ask you guys what your Game of Show was for E3 2011. There’s so many strong contenders from the shooters to the RPGs and the sandbox/adventure games that it might be hard to choose just one.

So what are you leaning towards? Personally, I’m thinking Battlefield 3 with Skyrim, Saint’s Row: The Third and Gears of War 3 coming in close behind. It was really hard to choose, but the tank video impressed the hell out of me and the multiplayer sounds super tight with lots of new improvements. I also know that at least one of you lucky devils made the trek out to L.A., so maybe there’s something we all missed that we should pay more attention to going forward? Hit me up in the comments, son!

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What Was Your Game of Show for E3 2011?”

  1. Hitman baby! Well, there wasn’t much to go on lol, but I’m รผber ecstatic. Battlefield and Uncharted both really impressed and showed more than just a trailer. Their multiplayer and single player components are shaping up to be of high teir high teir quality and very exciting.
    Skyrim is a very close second to a technical-joint-triumvurate. My reaction to the posted video surely sums up my enthusiasm for it!
    Skyward Sword and Bioshock Infinite both have me eyeing them with interest, money in hand. I really cannot wait to play them especially since Skyward Sword seems to be bumpkng up the difficulty and placing more emphasis on swordplay.

  2. I probably would have said Battlefield 3 fresh after the conferences. However, rewatching the tank level bored me a little, I find myself way more excited for games like Gears and Arkham City. Uncharted looked pretty good but thats not a shocker, Farcry 3 on the other hand did surprise me. If I had to pick one game itd be Skyrim.

  3. Gears, Mass Effect, The Old Republic, and Ghost Recon. I played all but Mass Effect, and I gotta say, wow. First off Gears, both Horde and Beast mode, is an absolute blast. I was blown away by how different it felt since Gears 2. Ghost Recon was my surprise hit, and due to short lines I played it 4 times, twice on multiplayer, twice on 4 player co-op. The co-op was by far my favorite. You know all that cool stuff you see in the Ghost Recon trailers with the Ghosts all taking out their targets at once in glorious fashions? Yeah, that really happens. And man is it cool. The Old Republic was another pleasant surprise, and I’m now confident that it has the ability to do what its hype train has promised. The story system works (my “aha” moment for that was when I, a bounty hunter, chose to put a blaster shot in the head of a dying Sith Lord I was sent to save), the combat is fun, and it feels like a near complete game. It’s come a long way since PAX. And Mass Effect is, well, Mass Effect. And it looks absolutely stunning.

  4. Definitely Deus Ex and Battlefield 3. Lots of cool stuff to look at so far, but those are the titles I was excited before and after. Can’t wait to see more on Deus Ex as it approaches. Gonna pre-order it on Steam soon and get a free copy of the first game (which I just completed again) to gift away to one lucky gamer!

  5. Assassins Creed Revelations was the most awesome (albeit pre-rendered) trailer for me, I LOVE that series

  6. Batlefield 3, or Skyrim, they both look INCREDIBLE, I can’t wait to play them as well.

  7. Metro: Last Light, Prey 2, and Journey. I really want to play Bioshock Infinite, Battlefield 3, and ME3 but I already know so much about them (maybe not Bioshock but) Prey 2 looked AMAZING even though they just showed a side quest, Journey is from the guys who made Flower so I know I can expect something different and refreshing, and I have a soft spot for Metro 2033.

    also there was no S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 ๐Ÿ™

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