Star Wars: The Old Republic Has an Amazing Opening Cinematic

I know that I’ve been quite vocal in my condemnation of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s hype train and its constant parade of pre-rendered trailers and no solid release date. After three consecutive E3s of all show and no tell, I was starting to get a little ticked off at the constant stringing along that TOR is pulling. Of course, being a gamer, I am a fickle creature and the recently released opening cinematic for The Old Republic is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s seriously everything I love about Star Wars, condensed into six minutes.

I’m looking forward to watching this video again when I boot up the game, whenever that is. Lucas Licensing should just contract Blur to make a Star Wars movie with BioWare as the writing staff, because every trailer they’ve made have been better than the games they’ve been associated with (case in point: Force Unleashed 2). What do you guys think of the opening cinematic for The Old Republic? Was this sick, or what?

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7 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Old Republic Has an Amazing Opening Cinematic”

  1. Oooooooooooh!
    I’m interested. It IS being hype trained TO THE MAX but DAMN if it isn’t appealing. If it’s free-to-play I’m seriously considering it. As awesome as red lightsabers are I’ll be a ‘good’ guy. None of the Sith shit. Lightning? Pfft

  2. The best part was when the Jedi Master was fighting with a single bladed saber in one hand and a dual bladed in the other, although i thought that was kind of nullified because the Sith did the same thing

  3. Oh God when I saw this on the E3 floor I got chills. And it was awesome because they would play it on EA’s huge screen and all the people dressed as Storm Troopers, Boba Fett, Jedi, etc. would all gather at the center of the EA booth. Epic. Oh Mitch don’t condemn the Old Republic too much, after playing it I was pretty impressed. Definite purchase now.

  4. Amazing video. It seriously is. Theres only one thing though….

    This is an MMO. I wont get it for that very reason. I will be attending grad school in the fall and simply wouldn’t have any of the time required to play. I think the idea of an Old Republic MMO is great, I bet this game does amazing. The thing that saddens me though is that I pretty much wrote off MMOs back at the beginning of college. Id love to play this as a single player game, but alas, I cant.

    Still, it looks stunning. The world of star wars will forever be wondrous.

  5. I used to be concerned that the pre-rendered cinematics were going to be like GLaDOS’s promised cake. After seeing a few of the in-game demos, I’m happy to report that the promised cake will be delivered.

    I did see a lot of kids (pre-18 year olds) at E3 griping at a pair BioWare employees about monthly subscriptions. When they had a moment, I gave the guys at BioWare my own critique of online-gaming:

    After playing League of Legends and getting a nasty taste of the free-to-play gaming community there, I hope SWTOR carries a subscription fee comparable to WoW. Helps to keep out the riff-raff.

  6. While I can’t get behind the mmo aspect of the game. For pretty much the same reasons as Sean. Also because I think that as far as a rpg with a story of epic porportions that Kotor was, it can not be made into that form also.

    I must admit that I really liked this trailer just because someone finally dual wielded with a dual bladed lightsaber, been contemplating that one since I saw darth maul.

    My only pet peeves with the trailer were some of the lines which for some reason seemed to be directly ripped from the movies; “This is not your fight” yada yada.

    but I give it a above average out of excellent.

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