Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim E3 Gameplay Demo

I’m not really going to preface this video with too many words, other than these: this Skyrim gameplay demonstration from GameTrailers TV sort of blew my mind when I watched it. You all know that we do our best to stay away from hyperbole on this site (although sometimes we fail at this), but there were pieces of this video that surpassed my imagination for what a video game could accomplish. While the visuals are nothing to scoff at and the combat looks like it’s seen a decent upgrade, it’s the unscripted dragon encounters that left me in awe.

Go ahead, drool over it, and check back in when you’re done.


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14 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim E3 Gameplay Demo”

  1. Everything I see about this game just makes me want it more. Can’t wait for November

  2. I agree it looks great, but I find it hard to believe “unscripted dragons” attack whenever the gaming press rolls around for a demo or preview.

  3. Maybe they spawned some dragons near the player or this was pre recorded for this interview. Anyway, this game looks very good. Hope to see more from it soon.

    1. Yeah, for the purposes of the demo, they probably do have a dragon in there so people can see it. I mean, it only makes sense.

  4. I cant wait for this game. Its going to be amazing. The fact that dragons really are independent and can interact with players and NPCs in so many ways is really going to make every play-through of this game something special.

  5. If you watch the other “live” demos that other sites got, like G4tv.com, they have the exact same footage, although they did show a little more of it at G4. what they did was pre-record a 30 minute demo to show behind doors and then they showed the press like 10 minutes of it.

    Drell Assassin might know more, I believe he was able to make it there (lucky bastard 😀 ), I was going to be at E3 but work got in the way 🙁

    1. Well yes, because these demos are to showcase dragons. I don’t understand the skepticism. Also, it looks like most of these are pre-recorded and then just played over again.

  6. @Eddy, I was not skeptical, just stating the facts. just because it was pre-recorded does not hinder its awesomeness. Another fact is that this game looks AMAZING!

  7. I’m so glad I added G4TV to our digital cable at our house. The live coverage of E3 every day has been well worth the $2.95 a month! This looks awesome, probably too big & magical for me, but my girlfriend loves Elder Scrolls. I’ll watch her play through it like a movie!

  8. By Azura, by Azura, by Azura!
    Easily in my Top 3 Games of E3 2011 (along with Uncharted and Hitman).
    Those dragon fights look to be very entertaining. I loved how his attacker was swooped down upon and hurtled into the air. I hope it can’t do that to you because, as I’m sure we all know, “Swooping is bad.”
    The new combat is also ridiculously beautiful in its execution (that pun was unintended) and the whole game seems to have that level of polish Oblivion had back when it came out.

  9. OMGGGGGGGG That dragon destroyed that dude! and i liked the wooly mammoth elephants. Better than going the “safe” way with cougars and stuff

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