Battlefield 3 Campaign Gameplay Brings the Thunder

I’m of the opinion that EA really brought the heardcore games at their press conference today whether you’re a fan of sports, shooters or sci-fi RPGs. Sure, the foot-based gameplay in Need for Speed: The Run looked a little wonky, but Mass Effect 3 is shaping up nicely and Battlefield 3 is coming hard, aiming its sights square at Modern Warfare 3. After MW3’s showing at the Xbox briefing, DICE showed off a campaign demo called ‘Thunder Run’.

Those are some of the best looking explosions I’ve seen in a game. From top to bottom this game is looking really tight, and I can’t wait. What do you guys think of ‘Thunder Run’? Does this look like a serious Modern Warfare 3 competitor?

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5 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Campaign Gameplay Brings the Thunder”

  1. Battlefield 3 is starting to look very impressive. I hope it will be as fun as it appears to be.

  2. I’m surprised more of you dudes haven’t commented on this. BF3 has easily stolen the entire show for me so far. Terribly impressive.

  3. Wow… I don’t know what else to say other than something vague like “It’s impressive”.

  4. did any one else noticed them say PLR? I thought they were fighting Russians or terrorists.

  5. @Eddy

    I am excited beyond words, but I don’t like playing from vehicles in games. I’m not interested in shooting from a tank, I wanna get out and run around in cover and get into the moment and feel like I’m in danger. I want to see more of the urban stuff!

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