The GamerSushi Show, Ep 30: The Whites Are Coming

Just like we did with the Portal 2 podcast a few weeks back, we thought we’d have ourselves a spoiler-slathered episode all about L.A. Noire for this week. Basically, we talk about the game up until the end of homicide without worry of monitoring ourselves, and the result is some in-depth discussion about Team Bondi’s achievements and how we feel about the game itself.

After that, Nick brings us a game of percentages, where we rate the chances of purchasing Modern Warfare 3, the eventual production and release of the infamous Uncharted movie and the removal of DRM from more PC games. We also dip a bit into some absurd trailer-mongering, which I think you guys will get a kick out of. Or at the very least, we got a kick out of it. As long as someone is entertained, right?

Here we go, gents and ladies. Listen up. Rate. Chuckle.

00:00:25 Intro
00:01:16 L.A. Noire
00:43:43 GameTime! [Percentages]
00:44:12 Chances you will buy MW3? [Percentages]
00:55:15 Chances an Uncharted film is eventually made and released? [Percentages]
01:04:28 Chances more games will start taking out DRM? [Percentages]
01:15:57 Closing

The Big Question: Give us some of your own thoughts on L.A. Noire! Also, what percentages would you give to each of these questions? Go!

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 30: The Whites Are Coming”

  1. Already writing this before listening. Im very interested to hear about the L.A. Noire talk. Veeeery interested to hear.

    Ok I had hiccups. When looking out my back window, it TOTALLY started chugging. Only engine issue though. Haha the driving, yes, its so bad. I started having my partners drive about 60% of the time, it was just so much easier. If you took out the open world it would mess up the game. I think they should always keep it open world, its 90% accurate. Its amazing, it adds too much in my opinion. Haha I ran into the “skip this part” thing on ONE Mission, one part of that mission killed me. I had so much trouble with it. Didnt skip it though.

    Btw, the music STOPS when you find all the clues. Thats how you know. Its not JUST the noise, the music will stop when its all found.

    The Vice and Arson cases get TOUGH in terms of interrogation. Oh good lord, its unreal how they try and get you to connect some. It will be something minute that you need to connect and it can take forever. Its great fun though, a LOT of fun. Haha “Dung dung” I said that immediately too lol. Btw, you can CHECK the Log to see who you are talking to, it was very helpful when names were getting thrown around. I had that problem too, names and faces got too scrambled.

    Coles Character kind of ticks me off in ways. I thought he was dynamic in his flashbacks, but not to go beyond your own spoiler limit, the ending of the game really ticked me off. So for me, his character was good, but I think how it was handled was horrid. Maybe thats just me, I want to maybe come back to this briefly with you guys once everyone has beaten the game. I really want to discuss the ending.
    I wasn’t bothered by the gore much to be honest. Perhaps thats just me, but I really got into finding the clues. But yes, they were very brutal. Balancing was horrible. Hands down. As for killing the guys, I agree, I think its possible to get out of it without killing them.

    MW3 – 100% Why not? The story should be fun. Even just for that, thats kind of why. I think BF3 will own it in multiplayer, but no doubt, Ill get it.

    FIlm – 50%. I hope not. I really do. It will have to be carefully done.

    DRM – No clue.

  2. Loved the podcast as usual. I just beat LA Noire yesterday and I think you nailed it on the head with your pros and cons. And I totally agree with Eddy about the evolution, or more like the unwrapping, of Cole’s character as the story goes on, and towards the end my feelings toward him and another certain character kinda swapped. I also busted into hysterical laughter mid-rep while at the gym when you guys mentioned a Reaper-Serenity version of the RIB with moose hahahaha

  3. Man LA Noire sounds really good… Too bad I’ll probably end up not playing it.

    In all likelyhood, I wont be buying MW3. I never got into the multi player in any Call of Duty game and the single player just isn’t grabbing me either. Lets call it a 15% chance

    I’m completely indifferent towards the Uncharted movie. Really don’t care one way or the other. If it comes out and looks OK I might give it a shot, but its not something I’m hanging out for.

    I bought the Witcher 2 last week but haven’t started playing it yet. If the DRM was causing that many issues it is defintely a good thing that CD Projekt decided to get rid of it. And I think the revolution might be starting already. Capcom announced today that its getting rid of its DRM on the PC version of Super Street Fighter 4. So I’m going to say that this is about 90%

  4. Sorry, can’t formulate an opinion about LA Noire… sketching a Canadian patrol boat with moose skeletons mounted on it. I’m thinking Reavers covered with maple syrup.

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