Poll: Most Anticipated June Release

Apparently, I was so distraught over the PSN being down (PSN-sane…get it?) that I didn’t do one of these for May, so I apologize and am back to make amends for June. We are fully into the summer now and thankfully, it’s not the drought that it once was. In my day, summers were when you replayed the games you got for Christmas, not buy new blockbusters and play them.

So even though I am still swamping through my own backlog and thankfully making progress, I think Infamous 2 is the game I most have my canny eye on. I loved the first game and from everything I have read about the sequel, it’s shaping up to take the franchise to greater heights. Also, I hate Duke Nuke ‘Em. But there are way too many great games coming out this month! It’s kind of insane.

What say you? Vote below!

Most Anticipated June Release

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Most Anticipated June Release”

  1. I am excited for Call of Juarez: The Cartel. I LOVED Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and i am hoping that it turns out to be good. My only concern is that they have released very little details and only one trailer which makes me think it will be not good or delayed further.

  2. Those are all meh. I only voted for Duke because I had the original floppy discs when I was a wee lad. I’m sure I’ll stumble upon the new one at some point.

  3. None of them really, if I had an Xbox/Kinect I would defintely have voted for Child of Eden. Oh wait, I’ll vote other, Ocarina of Time 3D is out on the 30th, just sneaks in.

  4. InFamous 2 is the top of my list! Seriously excited for it. It could last me most of summer, lol.

  5. I went with InFamous 2. I would’ve voted for the Duke, but I’m betting there’s going to be another delay putting it outside of June. *Sad Panda*

  6. I’m kinda scared to admit it on this site (because all the staff hate it with a burning passion lol) but I’m seriously looking forward to DNF. Sounds like a stupid fun time to me. Oh and I’m definitely getting Ocarina of Time.

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