The Missing Games of E3s Past

Spec Ops: The Line

E3 2011 is fast approaching, and there are a lot of big name titles that we’re expecting more information on: Saint’s Row 3, Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3 and Skyrim, just to name a few. But for every giant game that steals the show, there’s a few titles that we haven’t seen hide nor hair of, games that were announced to much fan fare and have quietly faded into either obscurity or development hell.

Some of these games have a made a big splash in the past like XCOM or Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but there are a few ones that have flown under the radar that I’m keeping an eye out for this year like Max Payne 3 (which repeatedly reappears for a moment before disappearing again) or Spec Ops: The Line, a Nolan North vehicle adapted from the novella Heart of Darkness. Another Rockstar helmed production that’s also noticeably MIA is Agent, a Cold War themed game that was trumpeted as a Sony exclusive before vanishing.

E3 is a great time to announce new, exciting games and bang the drums about the popular upcoming ones, but which of these titles do you want to hear about? Granted, we’ve gotten a trailer for MGS: Rising but not much else, and Max Payne 3 is continually rumored to be making an appearance, but what about Spec Ops, or XCOM? Is there another game that you want to hear about? What games in the past have made a grand entrance at E3 but then vanished?

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6 thoughts on “The Missing Games of E3s Past”

  1. Its obvious but The Last Guardian. We got that amazing trailer in 09 I think it was? And then nothing last year. Hopefully we’ll see something this year, despite it being pushed to 2012.

    The griffin is the apocalypse… ssshhhh

  2. rage. Really looking forward to that. Also can you turn it on so that frequent posters get exemption from having to wait for a moderator to ok their post?

  3. Rage for sure, and I always forget about Max Payne 3. I feel like it’s basically vapourware.. It’s been so long since MP2. Max Payne was one of the most revolutionary games ever, I feel like a third (especially based on some early screenshots) may tarnish it’s awesomeness.

  4. I had forgotten Spec Ops! I was actually pretty excited about it as it looked like a solid 3PS. Sand is the new foliage!
    So, some Spec Ops and the big titles are what I wish to see.

  5. Metal Gear Rising, mostly, what with the news that Quinton Flynn(voice of Raiden) hadn’t even been contacted yet, so I’d like to see some progress.

  6. One game I was really looking forward to, heck I even pre ordered it, was Aliens: colonial marines. Though there have been claims it’s still in development it still does not have a release date. It looks like it has a lot of potential, I’m still hoping it will see the light of day.

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