Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer Drops the Bombs

We knew it was coming, guys, but here it is, the giant reveal trailer for the upcoming third installment of the Modern Warfare series. After the hullabaloo around the whole Kotaku debacle, something like this feels a bit neutered but I thought I’d throw it up here for you anyways to pick apart and give us your thoughts.

So there it is, the reveal trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. There’s definitely a more global feel to the game this time as opposed to the American-centric feel of the last one. Now that we’ve seen the game in motion, what do you think? Do want? Do not want?

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15 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer Drops the Bombs”

  1. i saw it, and was excited in spite of myself at first, but then it fell into the same types of asides the last one did. Hey, another Jeep ride along… and shooting from an AC130… And gunning from the side of a helicopter… and piloting(?) a boat.

  2. Pretty much uses the same engine as last time. In other words, bad graphics in today’s market. Sorry guys, but in 2011, we have Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Witcher 2, etc. All of these sequels are running new engines that look so independant and hundreds of times better than MW2, (and therefore this).
    Secondly, I don’t know if Hans Zimmer is composing this one as he did for the second Modern Warfare, but the music is an obvious copy of his work in Inception with the iconic one-note loud bursts.
    I also see that they added some destruction here to compete with Frostbite but they’re pretty cheap cinematic setpieces than really interactive destruction (compared to walls in Bad Company 2.

    Call me a hater, but I am just not impressed. Call of Duty was born to me with the first installment but died with Modern Warfare 2.

  3. Graphics matter little to me. The presentation here looks good enough. Not cutting edge, but certainly not terrible. Despite myself, this gets me pumped for some illogical plot twists.

  4. I know it has the same sequences and looks the same as the other 2 games, and I know there are better games out there but damn, it just keeps sucking me in. I know I will play it eventually. It will be no doubt interesting to see this and BF’s marketing campaigns play out.

  5. I know there’s the whole Infinity Ward (Respawn)/Activision lawsuit still going down and my friends were unsure whether they’d get the game or not. We’ve more or less agreed that it wouldn’t do the story justice to leave unfinished the way MW2 ended. We’ll see this through, if only out of respect for the story (and to see who Craig Fairbrass gets cast as this time.)

    There was skepticism among us as to how this trailer would stack next to MW2’s trailer, with the 11.10.9 release date at the end. WW3 turning to MW3 met that ‘standard of spiffy’ pretty well.

    Spiffy… I feel like my grandpa now.

  6. Meh, I’m with Anthony on graphics (I loves me some Mount and Blade) my problem with CoD is that they haven’t changed the game at all since 07 at least Battlefield adds new mechanics and changes up the gameplay.

  7. I laughed at the Inception music.

    I think the action is this game is going to beat out BF3, but I dont know if its multiplayer will be as dynamic. Yes I will bring in BF3. Im excited for both the titles.

    I would also expect the graphics to be about the same as the last game, which is fine. The game is about the story, not the graphics.

  8. I’m sure the campaign will be fun and have a few “woah” moments, but then be quickly forgotten, like all of the installments post CoD4:Modern Warfare.

    I’m hoping I’m wrong, buuuuut…

    And BF3 for multiplayer will be enough to scratch this one clear of consideration.

  9. Doesn’t actually look too bad! I ignored Kotaku’s article so this is all new to me and I think I saw an MP5SD in there somewhere. The gun nut has been satisfied (at least until proven wrong)!
    Also, I really hope Hans Zimmer is composing the score again. MW2’s was excellent. I like the way he takes inspiration from his other works (there were obvious links to Inception and Pirates of the Carribian in MW2 which were well composed).

  10. Oops, I meant to say in MW2’s score there were obvious links to Batman an Pirates of the Carribian as opposed to Inception. THIS one had that 1-note thing going on.

  11. Call me a nutter, but that was actually pretty exciting. I mean, it’s just total ‘splosion-porn and takes itself a bit too seriously, but it still got me kind of amped for another CoD experience. Always good for a few thrills.

  12. The campaign looks like a fun rental. Who knows, if the multiplayer looks fun, I’ll try MW3 out for a weekend or so and then put it to rest without needing to sap it of its fun factor.

  13. The only thing I think that could save this game is if they just said screw it, switched it up and made you the single guy wanting to blow up the world, and that the entire leak business just turned out to be a big marketing idea. Otherwise it looks like more of the same, and I will not pay for more of the same.

  14. Pretty cool trailer, I’m not really excited for the game, but, I’ll probably get it to play with my friends online.

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