Portal 2 is a Veritable Gold Mine of Crazy Easter Eggs

portal 2 easter eggs

I’m going to forgo my traditional jokes about Portal 2 and instead go right into the meat of this thing because it’s just too damn cool. We all know that Valve are a tricksy bunch, so the fact that Portal 2 has some crazy Easter Eggs shouldn’t surprise you; what should surprise you is how nuanced and intricate all of these are. Games Radar put together a list of 30 Portal 2 Easter Eggs that you may or may not have known about. It should be fairly obvious, but there are spoilers abound in this list.

Some of these secrets I already knew about thanks to the game’s achievements, but a few were new to me, and they’re really indicative of how much Valve wants to reward the diligent player. It’s true that you can play the game and enjoy it without searching for Rat Man’s dens or finding a secret berth, but all of these things really add a nice layer of complexity to what many people probably brushed off as a “puzzle game”.

While most of the fun with Easter Eggs is finding them yourself, sometimes it’s just as interesting to read the collected info all in one place. Have you guys found any of the Easter Eggs, and which ones were they? Are you going to go hunting for some more of them? What’s the craziest Easter Egg (Valve-related or not) that you’ve found in a game? Go! Feel free to get spoilery in the comments if you want to, but be warned if you have not beaten Portal 2.

Source – Games Radar

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3 thoughts on “Portal 2 is a Veritable Gold Mine of Crazy Easter Eggs”

  1. This is why the people at Valve are my favorite developers.
    This is why I love Portal 2.
    This is why it’s going to be in my list of all-time favorite games, forever.

  2. Most of these aren’t true easter eggs, just cool things the developers expected you to find (rather than hide). The coolest one is the song translated from Italian to English, but that’s not an egg! The Final Transmission was wicked too.

    Two of the coolest easter eggs were in GTAIII. One in some high rise, where you’d go through the window and there was a giant egg that said “Happy Easter” on it. And the other you’d get over a wall by jumping on a tall vehicle and a sign said “YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET HERE” or something along those lines. Now THOSE are Easter eggs!

  3. I feel so stupid after seeing all those. Some of them I never got. Im kind of cheesed about the doors. I saw all ove them, stood by them, and zoomed in on them. ever got the achievement. Apparently its based on where you stand next to them

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