Wishing De_Dust a Happy 12th Birthday


Yup. You read that right. Legendary Counter-Strike map de_dust is now a healthy preteen. Dave Johnston, who created the iconic multiplayer map (plus its counterpart de_dust2) posted about the birthday yesterday on Twitter. He later went on to amend that first tweet (in which he claimed that it was 13 instead of 12) with this follow-up correction.

Johnston currently works as a Senior Level Designer for Splash Damage, creators of the newly released FPS Brink. Kind of crazy to consider the fact that he made such a hugely popular level (and really, one that stands among the greatest of any multiplayer mode) at such a young age. Makes me wonder what I was doing at 16. Oh yeah, playing video games.

So let me be the first here to say happy birthday to Dust. I’ll always remember de_dust as being one of the things I saw the most in college. For me, it’s practically synonymous with the time I spent at school, locked away in my room, trying to gain some epic headshots. It was actually my introduction to online gaming as a whole.

What about you guys? What memories do you have of de_dust? Go!

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4 thoughts on “Wishing De_Dust a Happy 12th Birthday”

  1. Many good memories there. First map I ever played, first head shot I ever got in CS. However, now, we rarely play it because it is way too CT sided for public players. You need the T’s to co-operate for it to work, and when it’s 16 vs 16 that rarely happens. Dust_2 however, always awesome.

    Oh, and B is closed.

  2. Yeah, definitely one of the most CT sided maps ever. But like you said Julez, a few determined T’s can take over the game with mad rushes to A. But generally, you can count on the T’s just to camp outside the hallway, and one or two at the end of the ramp.

  3. De_Dust, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish, but cs_office was one of the best Counter-Strike maps of all time!

    In all seriousness though, I do remember some good times in De_dust. Definitely one of the more popular cs maps. Eagerly awaiting cs_office’s birthday.

  4. That’s pretty cool that the map is so beloved by gamers and Julez your 1st’s list was pretty cool to. My equivalent is Ambush in CoD4. Good times but still a baby by contrast to the pre-teen.
    On a slightly sad and rather ironic note, Brink’s getting hammered on its level design by some reviewers. I read 1Up’s review then this and was fairly surprised (and saddened). Here’s hoping that it was merely an anomalous blot on what should be a great career in level design.

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