Team Fortress 2 Introduces the Director/Replays

Saxxy Awards

It looks like Valve has added replays to Team Fortress 2, along with a fancy new machinima contest of sorts. The Saxxy Awards are designed to let users explore all of their filmmaking abilities in a Thunderdome fashion, where awards will be handed out based on YouTube views and all manner of categories such as “Most Pwnage”, “Most Epic Fail” and “Best Team Costume”. Basically, you have until May 19th to submit your awesomely edited piece and receive your lootz. They’ve got a Saxxy trailer up (see what I did there) which will tell you all you need to know.

In addition to all this, Valve tucked a TF2 comic into the update called Meet the Director, and I have to say I’m intrigued. Perhaps I’m looking too deeply into this, but it seems to be pushing at the universe of TF2 and giving us a cool new story to go on. Not to mention the art, which is fantastic.

Anyway, this will probably make me jump back into TF2 a little. My last PC could only barely run it, and I imagine it will sing on the new one. Who knows, maybe I’ll dabble with some machinima. Old habits die hard, after all…

What about you guys? Is anybody excited about this? What do you think of the comic? Go!

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5 thoughts on “Team Fortress 2 Introduces the Director/Replays”

  1. Umm.. I’m excited for the part where you said old habbits die hard =). I’d love to see some SFF action!

    Definitely a sweet idea

  2. My story with it is I was recording one where me and my friend were running a medic train getting ubers from hitting enemies with our saws while ubered. We eventually get up to 6 ubers from our melee hits each in one life making an awesome 2 minute nonstop uber spree. Of course theres an error and the it isn’t able to download it for either me or my friends replay.

    It also lags the shit out of server which have it on.


    In all seriousness, this is pretty rad even though I uninstalled TF2 after it started having a patch every damn day. It’s cool that Valve turned this well polished, if bare-bones, FPS into something this deep and involved.

    Also, the TF2 comics totally rock. I love that Valve does that. But I hate baseball cards.

  4. Hey Mitch I liked that polished barebones FPS, and I would argue that it was deep and involved back then with the interactions between the classes and that the new weapons, currently, have just served to throw the class balance out the window.

    I do like the replay and director ideas maybe more TF2 machinima’s in the future?

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