The GamerSushi Show, Ep 27: The Portal One

Well, it was only inevitable that when we all finished Portal 2, the next podcast would be mostly dominated by that discussion. So, Episode 27 is the fruition of that idea. In it, we chat for a very long time about Portal 2, and then we move on to other big topics from the last couple of weeks, including Nintendo’s Project Cafe and the crazy huge hack of PSN.

After all of that tomfoolery, we jump into an exciting game of Fill in the Blank that was extremely well-played by myself. Trust me, you’ll want to hold onto your butts from my amazing vocabulaciousness. Anyway, be careful of the Portal 2 section, which makes up the first half hour, because the discussion comes complete with single player spoilers. If you’re not wanting to hear those, feel free to skip about 30 minutes ahead, as indicated by the time chart below.

What are you waiting for? Listen, rate and enjoy, yo.

00:00:24 Intro
00:03:44 Why Does Mitch Hate Portal 2?
00:30:57 PSN Goes Down!
00:41:08 E3 (Sony/Nintendo)
00:52:18 Fill in the Blank (Intro)
00:52:39 Hulu coming to the 360 makes you _______.
00:59:15 Blizzard saying Diablo 3 is “on the home stretch” is _______.
01:03:20 Telltale delaying Jurassic Park game to “move in a new direction” means _______.
01:09:36 Cliffy B is _______ for saying RedBox video game rentals will kill 20 hour SP games.
01:27:23 Outro

The Big Questions: What are your reflections on Portal 2? What do you think of the PSN hack? What words would you use to fill in these blanks? Go!

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5 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 27: The Portal One”

  1. You could have an 8 – 10 hour game with just portals, but it would just get really hard, and frustrate a lot of gamers. On the flip side, I found Portal 2 easier than the first with all the gel/tunnel/bridge combinations. I really missed the momentum puzzles as well.

    Maybe it’s too hard to turn around and fire a portal with a thumbstick 😉

    Also, I didn’t remember anything about the moonrocks, so maybe it was subliminal, but I also didn’t hesitate at all to shoot my portal at the moon. I think it’s more of just a “white surface” is automatically “WHERE THE PORTAL GOES”.

    *Paypal is the best*

  2. One thing about the moon that we didn’t mention is that you can’t move your camera; your only option at that moment is to shoot a portal at it. Like Eddy said, very, very CoD.

  3. OMG Eddy killed the podcast…YOU BASTARD!!!

    Regarding the redbox game rentals, it says $2 for a day but you have to return it by 9:00 the next night. So you really get two days.

  4. I think Sony is going to begin to charge for on-line services now. They aren’t going to announce it anytime soon, and will try to let this whole thing blow over for the next couple months or maybe a year. This whole hacking thing is hopefully going to get them really focused on security, and for them to ‘afford’ to be up to date, they will start to charge something for their online services. You might feel it sucks to pay for it, but I’d prefer to pay that then possibly have my identity stolen because there is no attempt to secure my personal information. Then again, I think I’d be doubly pissed off if the info is stolen, and I’m paying some cash to the company who is supposed to prevent that from happening. Maybe Eddy’s idea is the best…don’t enter any credit card numbers, buy prepaid PSN cards or cash cards to buy stuff on PSN.
    Anyway, screw you hackers for ruining the debut of Steam on the PS3. Such a great idea laid to waste because of jerks like you. And shame on Sony for making it so pathetically easy for their services to be hacked… I mean come on… why one would think no one would bother to hack you because it’s just a gaming console?

  5. I found Portal 2 to be much harder. Maybe not harder, just more complex. The puzzle where you control the direction of the excursion beams to move bouncy gel had me absolutely stumped. Other than that, it’s the best game Valve’s ever made. Nay, the best game EVER made.

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