Square Enix to Publish Dead Island

Dead Island

In honor of Zombie Awareness Month (Look it up, it’s a thing), we’ve been given some undead corpse-related news from our good friends over at Deep Silver, the developers of the highly anticipated FPS/co-op with a twist of melee zombie game known as Dead Island. They’ve found a publisher and it might raise your eyebrows and the dead from their graves. OK, I got carried away with that last one.

Square Enix, the publisher of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and other games where buckles, zippers and spiked hair reign supreme, will publish the game, due out something before the end of the year, as IGN is reporting. This is pretty smart because Square Enix still knows how to market a blockbuster game in a crowded field of contenders.

But it also gives us the chance to make jokes. So, other than an emo main character who can’t remember what’s going on, what JRPG stereotypes would you like to see in Dead Island? (I realize the real answer is “none”, but just play along, OK?) Do you think Square will try to change anything before release? GO!

Source – IGN

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2 thoughts on “Square Enix to Publish Dead Island”

  1. I’d actually love to have a huge Gunblade. Making a zombie-kabob and then blasting them off and propelling them into others would be marvelously entertaining.

  2. It will have those ‘Save Point/Restore health glowing orb/Ray of light’ thingys that we (thankfully) don’t see too often anymore and bosses with, like, a BAJILLION-SQUILLION hp.
    Also, a bland protagonist with an angsty backstory.

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