Diablo III on the “Home Stretch”

Diablo 3

Urge to squee… rising…

OK, I think I can hold off long enough to type for a few minutes. In the midst of all of Sony’s craziness, plus that whole Bin Laden thing, you might have missed out on some Diablo III news this past weekend. And of course, who could blame you?

And what’s the news, you ask? Well, Blizzard gave a bit of a hands-on preview of Diablo 3 to the New York Times last week. While the article has some nice tidbits about the game that we mostly knew, and a few we didn’t know (such as a much simpler trading availability), the big shocker comes near the end of the article. Jay Wilson, Diablo III’s director, had this to say about the game’s development.

“We’re definitely in the home stretch. We’re crunching. This is when the magic happens.”

Now, maybe I’m just reaching here, but does this mean we could possibly see a Diablo III release in 2011? Blizzard as of yet has been noncommittal about when the game is going to come out, and have seemingly gone back and forth on it a few times.

What do you guys think? Am I being too optimistic here? Place your bets on 2011 or 2012. Go!

Source – NYTimes

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5 thoughts on “Diablo III on the “Home Stretch””

  1. 2012, but maybe early to mid 2012. I hope to give this a go sometime as I hear nothing but universal praise for the series. 100% of gamers can’t be wrong, right?

  2. Hasn’t Blizzard always been untrustworthy when it comes to actual releases of their games ?

    Everything else about them is mostly perfect.

  3. I think Blizzard will be too preoccupied with Cataclysm to really worry about Diablo for the remainder of the year.

    If they DO come out with it this year, I’d expect massive bugs on Battlenet complete with an assload of unneeded patches. I say this because, even thought they’ve had almost 5 years now (has it really been that long?), I bet they’re maybe only 23% done. Most likely preoccupied with WoW, but hey, I don’t blame them.I’d rather they just do the Valve thing and say “We’re done when we’re done.” than Duke it. (*coughcough* see what I did thur?)

    Hopefully, I can look forward to a nice, stable 2012 midrelease.

  4. I’m with Skuba on this one. I think it’ll be 2012, and I’m looking forward to trying the Diablo series for the first time… Actually this would be the first Blizzard game played – for shame

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