When Co-Op Gaming Brings Out the Worst in You

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Ever since Eddy built his new gaming PC, we’ve been planning to do a little Magicka and last Friday we had our chance. Eddy, Nick, Jeff and myself all hopped on Skype and booted up the co-op magic fest and a blast was had by all. Well, mostly by all; I discovered that day that I have a bit of a tendency to be a (huge) jerk when people don’t perform to my exact specifications.

I can’t quite remember the specifics of the incident now, but having completed Magicka before, and therefore being an expert at the game, I am sad to admit that I wasn’t exactly the best guide to be shepherding a group of noobies through this unforgiving game. Just because I know how to do most of the powerful spells off by heart, and I’m willing to sacrifice an ally for the sake of casting lighting, doesn’t mean I’m the nominal leader.

Even though cooperation is at the heart of the Magicka experience, I was letting my own hubris get in the way of teamwork and to my fellow wizards at arms, I apologize. Now that my sordid laundry has been hung out to dry, metaphorically speaking, I was wondering if any of you have a similar horror story. Were you playing a game with a friend and you tweaked out on them? Do you maybe just want to laugh at the fact that Magicka turned me into a huge douche? Cast some comments!

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  1. I’ve aced every level in Little Big Planet and am somewhat of a crazy LBP player. While playing with my friends who have never played it (since nobody I know seems to own a PS3) I tend to leave them far behind, as I’m unable to move at a slower pace lest I fuck with my momentum and get pissed off that everybody else is slowing me down.

    On an opposite note, there has been more than one occasion where I’ve played Sven Coop with a friend online where we didn’t realize that both of our microphones were off because we were performing very convoluted tactics right to the word of what we thought we were telling eachother to do. We ended up pulling off some expertly timed tactics and covered eachother at the exact times that we needed it for about a half hour before we realized we couldn’t hear the commands we were shouting to eachother and somehow still obeying. Weird things happen when playing cooperative gaming.

  2. This one time, during Reach, we were playing Wart Hog Rocket Race and our driver, who shall remain nameless, did a donut around the checkpoint and we didn’t score.

    The shame upon my house still lingers.

  3. Mitch you’re a jerk. I actually can’t wait to hold a few hands through the Portal 2 Co-Op once a few more friends grab the game. Maybe it’s just because I / love / holding hands… ?

  4. Oh God, don’t get me started. My friend and I always argued when playing Conflict: Desert Storm 1, 2, Vietnam and Global Storm (as far as we are concerned Denied Ops doesn’t exist), yet we still love that series and eagerly anticipate a sequel. To Global Storm, not to Denied Ops. I would always try to be tactical but my friend would sometimes misinterpret orders (my fault for not relaying them clearly enough, his fault for not knowing his left and right, our faults for being about 8/9 and playing a rather complex game) and a shouting match would ensue upon a tank taking us all out in one go. There were less tanks in 2 and Global Storm which is probably why they were better and caused fewer rows.
    Also, Timesplitters 2 & 3 because I played the levels in single player all the time and knew them like the back of my hand (but he didn’t and I never really took that into account).
    Nowadays he and I have a third partner for BFBC2 and our 3 man squad usually pull our team through tight spots (except on Laguna Presa where we sometimes just give up because it is SO UNBALANCED). Our newer friend was a quick learner, and lessons learned from our mistakes from Conflict and Timesplitters serve us well.
    So… now that I’ve just reminisced on old events long forgotten I shall answer your question: Yes I have “tweaked out”, but not as much as I used to.

  5. My usual Coop partner usually rage quits, or gives me sour looks when I do something wrong…or acts selfishly and runs away from me in my most dire need (like run into a group of people just to get a knife kill thus leaving his buddies exposed to be slaughtered), or runs to the boat in L4D2 and leaves me behind to get catapulted by a tank, or drops his portal holding the lightbridge while i’m on it to get up one flight of stairs, or does QFASA for lightning bolt in magika and totally misses the mob and hits me……..this coop partner too remains nameless…

  6. [quote comment=”16367″]I don’t know who you are talking about but I’m sure he is a handsome and intelligent driver.[/quote]

    I will give you handsome.

  7. Hahahaha I remember playing split screen Rocket Race with a friend of mine on Halo 3, and by the time the game was over his arm was literally purple with bruises from me wailing on him for his stupidity. GET ON THE DAMN MONGOOOOOOOSE!

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