Eight Video Game Urban Legends to Keep You Up at Night

super mario galaxy 2 urban legends

Just like anything else, video game have become a source for urban legends, creepy little anecdotes that get passed around to keep the nerdy and guillible up at night. The comedy wizards over at Cracked have cooked up a list of eight video game urban legends that just happen to be true.

Now, I don’t know about the GLaDOS one, as that picture of her interpreted as a bound woman is just a piece of art made by a fan, but the rest of them seem pretty plausible to me. That Mario Galaxy 2 one is especially disturbing. What are those aliens doing up there?

So what do you guys think of these urban legends? Are they for real, or just a bunch of people looking at video games a little to hard? Honestly, can these even be urban legends since all of these things are purposefully put into these games by the developers, essentially making them unnerving Easter eggs? Hit us up with your thoughts!

Source – Cracked

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5 thoughts on “Eight Video Game Urban Legends to Keep You Up at Night”

  1. It all looks pretty legit, though I remember the commentary of Portal 2 saying that the design that they ended up on with GLaDOS was supposed to be shaped in a way that she could disguise herself as one of the spinning quarter circles floating above her. So the whole bound and gagged woman thing seems entirely like misguided speculation to me. The rest was really interesting to me though.

  2. Awesome article! The one is Super Mario Galaxy, and Daisy’s third eye are awesome. The Windows games are also really cool. THe last one though, I had heard about that. But it seems silly that none are still around.

  3. @ Trogador

    Good luck with that! I’ve got a few of them, but you need walkthroughs to do it, and some of the things you need to accomplish to get a star are ridiculous! And I’m not talking about waiting an hour and a half for a platform to move…that’s easy!

    I liked this list, though, and the shadow people in Super Mario Galaxy were especially spooky. GLaDOS seems a bit far-fetched, and the last one does, too.

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