Poll: What’s Your Current Game of the Year?

Seeing as how we’re almost five months into the glorious year of 2011, and given that we’ve already seen a slew of quality releases, I thought I’d conduct an informal poll (TWSS) and find out what your current Game of the Year is.

While we do have a few luminary titles coming at us in a few weeks, the recent release of Portal 2 gave us undoubtedly one of this year’s critical juggernauts. Gaming is for all types though, so maybe you liked something else? Let us know which game you’re rooting for in this handy-dandy poll we cooked up. Chances are, you’ll like a game with the number “2” in it. Just a guess.

For anyone wondering why I picked these games, I basically selected big ticket titles over a score of 87 on Metacritic. If you’d like me to add something else, please let me know in the comments!

What's Your Current Game of the Year for 2011?

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12 thoughts on “Poll: What’s Your Current Game of the Year?”

  1. Definitely Portal 2 so far, but I’m really hoping Deus Ex can blow my pants off, and anyone else’s who hasn’t experienced how awesome that franchise CAN be (see Deus Ex, NOT Deus Ex 2).

  2. Where’s Killzone 3 or Dragon Age 2? 🙂 I’ll go DA2 (ie. ‘Other’). I really enjoyed them (in fact I’m STILL enjoying DA2 on my 3rd playthrough). I’m hoping Sony sort out PSN soon so I can start playing KZ3 online again and that Bioware start releasing DLC. Seriously pumped for that shit!

  3. I have to say Portal 2 so far. I really enjoyed it and it is a unique experience but some of the big games of 2011 come later in the year. Especially for ps3 and pc gaming.

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