What Are You Playing: Easter Edition

mincraft 1.5 weather

Happy Easter, everyone, hope you got your fill of chocolate and/or religious significance this weekend. As a godless heathen (aka, non-denominational well-wisher), I’ve been using this time off to play a few games like Minecraft, Portal 2 and the Gears of War 3 Beta. I might sound like a broken record on a couple of those, but what they hey, it’s not like anything is coming out until L.A. Noire hits.

Every since the 1.5 update of Minecraft, I’ve been getting back into that game in a big way. I’ve been playing cooperatively with my buddy and it’s been going rather well, except for the two occasions where he lured a Creeper into my tower and demolished my ground floor. Oh, and there was that instance where he built a giant pyramid but forgot to stock the inside with torches, so all the monsters spawned inside the darkened interior and we had to flood it with lava to kill them all. Good times. The weather effects are also pretty neat, and I’ve witnessed a couple of decent thunderstorms. Even though you spend most of your time underground, coming up to a different atmosphere is a nice change of pace.

What have you guys been up to these past few days? Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, or polishing off the backlog? I’ve told you what I’ve been up to, what you got?

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  1. Finished Portal 2 campaign about 3 times, so I’m going to go Acheivement hunting and race friends in co-op. Otherwise, I’m playing bad company 2 every now and then

  2. Since the mutha effin PSN is down, I am back to Dragon Age: Origins. When it decides to rise and become a zombie version of Skynet, Portal 2 co-op.

  3. Played through the co-op campaign of Portal 2 with a buddy and had a blast. I’ve been playing Minecraft all day Mitch and I haven’t had any weather change!? I didn’t even know that had changed.

    I did do all of the achievements though, lol.

  4. Working on my backlog while I wait for my friend to buy portal 2 so we can co-op together. Working on mass effect, assassin’s creed and batman arkham asylum.

  5. I’m playing Mortal Kombat (which I absolutely love, which is strange because normally I’m like Mitch with fighting games), Gears beta and of course Portal 2. Strangely ever since I got Mortal Kombat Thursday I haven’t touched Portal 2, so I’m only on Chapter 3. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get it done sometime this week.

  6. I’m playing Blops and Red Dead until Brink comes out and then LA Noire after that. Once Brink releases on May 10th, I’ll probably only play that, although I’d like to get some binges of LA Noire.

  7. I have been busy with Metro 2033 and i am loving it. I have also been peppering in some Portal 1 until i have enough to buy numero dos.
    Also still have a massive backlog get through like Dead Space, RSV2, Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition, Assault on Dark Athena, Borderlands, and Bioshock 2 (the only one i have not put any time into). I need something that will stop time for a few days so i can get through them all. God help me…

  8. I’ve got nba 2k11 and mlb the show for my enjoyment and what makes them really enjoyable is their single player modes. Also waiting for brink and I might preorder for the doom items they’re advertising

  9. Just finished Portal 2 tonight! Going to move on to ME2 Arrival DLC until PSN is back online and I can finally add Portal 2 to my Steam account. Also, just upgraded my PC and got Shogun 2 for free, so I’ll be playing that soon as well. Yay for new hardware!

  10. I know I’m late with this post but I’ve been playing Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes HD on my PS3. Pretty addictive, that.

    I’ve beat the campaign in Portal 2, so I’m also waiting for someone to co-op with.

  11. Since PSN is down I’ve had no real change in my gaming habits. Single player ftw!
    I finally got around to platinuming Mass Effect 2 so my trophy count has finally reached the magic 100% mark. Insanity was actually very easy. Playing as a soldier made firefights ridiculously easy at times due to ammo powers and the assault rifle from the Collector ship. Also, being able to use an ally’s ability was a life saver. Legion’s Geth Shield made near death scenarios easily escapable.
    In addition to that, I’m still playing Dragon Age 2 and still loving it. Also my sister and all of her friends have suddenly become interested in Dragon Age: Origins. All of them have started or plan on starting playing it. It’s quite funny as they all turn to me as a living codex/strategy guide.
    I noticed someone mentioned Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. I played the demo so I plan on unlocking the full version when (or IF) the PSN gets up and running again.

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