The Joy of Rediscovering Games

Halo: Combat Evolved PC Version

I was combing through one of the boxes I had been dragging around with me in my various moves in the past year and was pleasantly surprised when I found my copy of Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC. I have Halo for the Xbox, true, but this version of it is a little more rare, almost to the point of mythical status. I put that sucker in my laptop and found out that I can run it, so I’ve been playing through that the last couple of days and having a blast.

Previously, a similar thing happened when I found a GameBoy Color and a copy of Pokemon Red which rekindled my Pokemon obsession, so I was wondering if anything similar has happened to you guys. I know that in the day and age of digital distribution, where publishers pimp out older games to prey on our nostalgia, finding older games is easier than it has been, but happening upon a treasured game from your youth and the proper system to play it on is nothing short of a miracle.

So what about you? Have you stumbled onto a game that you thought was lost? What was it? Go!

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  1. Yes. My gameboy. The origional big grey brick. It works. I also come across all the games I had. The ones I started to play on were pokemon (blue and red) as well as WarioLand Super Mario Land 3. It brings back nostalgia.

    Also Halo CE for the PC was 100x as good as the Xbox version. Flamethrower, Rockethog, and Fuelrod gun. Nuff said. I still have my copy if you ever want to play.

  2. I don’t really have any games that are lost but i do have one question: Holo: Combat Evolved is “rare”? I bought it at staples like three years ago for $10, which means i am very confused now.

  3. I keep forgetting that (your country here) is the land of milk and honey, where the shelves overflow with products we can no longer get in the Great White North.

  4. [quote comment=”16226″]I don’t really have any games that are lost but i do have one question: Holo: Combat Evolved is “rare”? I bought it at staples like three years ago for $10, which means i am very confused now.[/quote]

    Mitch is from Canada and rather than send them games and stuff they need, we send them bad jokes and our fast food.

  5. I just played Okami again after a few years off. That game is still as brilliant 5 years later. Also, Final Fantasy IX.

  6. I started playing HL2 Ep:1 again, which is kind of magical for me because Half Life 2 is what got me into PC gaming and shooters. But I also occasionally play N64 games (Pokemon Stadium, for instance).

    My friends and I tried to do a Diablo II playthrough a while back. That game still has a surprisingly strong user base.

    Most nostalgic for me, though, is probably the original Super Smash Bros. Used to play that for hours with my brothers, back before online gaming was the colossus it is now.

  7. I can’t remember if my brother or my cousin had the PC version of Halo but I hated it compared to the xbox version. Felt all strange with a mouse. Bad port 😉 lol.

    I did find my physical copy of Half-Life 2, all 5 CD’s (lol). But it was on a Steam account that was stolen years ago. Obviously I have since bought the Orange Box on Steam.

  8. I picked up Deus Ex on sale on Steam a while back (it was before my time), in the time since I have intermittently played (albeit not finishing). To say the least it has me extremely hyped about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Not sure if it counts though.

  9. A long time ago, I replayed my Pokemon Blue and had a great time. I still play Halo CE regularly because it’s one of, if not the only, game that runs well on my PC. After playing a bit of Blops, I decided to dust off my CoD4, and while I still suck (even though I’m quite good in Blops), Hardcore Team Deathmatch standoffs on Strike are still fun, and CoD4 retains its original flair. I also played some Shadow of the Colossus a few days ago and, while the controls are a pain sometimes, the game is still incredible. Rediscovering great old games is why I still love video games.

  10. Oh God, I still have a copy of Halo CE for the PC. It runs perfectly on my laptop, and I have it set up to where I can boot it without a disc. Ironically, it’s a much better version than the Xbox one. I think the reason it was so good was because it was ported by Gearbox.

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