The GamerSushi Show, Ep 26: Nintendo Power

Another week, another podcast. This week’s cast covers the big happenings from last week: namely, the rumors of Nintendo’s new console, as well as the massive-but-actually-less-massive-than-everyone-first-though Portal 2 ARG. We actually kick things off a little differently in this episode, starting first with the game of percentages.

After all of that riveting discussion (and my consequent victory), we dive into a lengthy conversation about our video game level bucket lists, and the levels we think everyone should play before they keel over. I’m curious to see if you guys like the format of the game first, or if you like it the way it’s been. Let us know!

No podcast will be out next week, since it’s a holiday weekend and all. Which saddens me, as it means we’ll have to wait that much longer before giving our Portal 2 impressions.

So, listen. Then rate. And of course, enjoy.

00:00:25 Intro
00:03:40 Percentages Intro
00:04:53 Chances Nintendo Announces New Console at E3? (Percentages)
00:17:37 Chances it will be more powerful than 360/PS3? (Percentages)
00:24:59 Chances it is released in 2012? (Percentages)
00:30:21 Chances the 3DS fails? (Percentages)
00:37:50 Chances Portal 2 is released early? (Percentages)
00:48:55 Video Game Level Bucket List
01:08:28 Closing

The Big Questions: What chances do you give to the rumor of Nintendo’s new system? What would make you interested in it? How do you feel overall about Valve’s ARG? Happy with Portal 2 so far (no spoilers)?

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3 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 26: Nintendo Power”

  1. I think the 3DS will be fine. I for one am waiting Ocarina, starfox and/or MGS 3 to drop before I pick one up. There just isn’t a game to grab me yet. I’m sure once those games plus Mario or Mario Kart come out sales will pick up again. It’s also the presence of MGS 3 on the 3DS that makes me doubt that it’s the Metal gear series that will be the next HD remake for the PS3. I know the original got remade for the gamecube, but it seems unlikely that Sony/Konami would release a HD remake of all three games when the 3rd is already being done for the 3DS.

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