The Puzzling Anger of Online Gamers (And Gears of War 3 Beta Impressions, Too)

gears of war 3 beta impressions

Portal 2 is out today as we’re all very, very aware, but there was another release this week that’s been overshadowed a bit by Valve’s behemoth: the Gears of War 3 Beta. I know that we’ve been talking about it a lot here on the site, and thanks to my Epic Edition of Bulletstorm, I got to hop in and try out the multiplayer flavor of Gears of War 3.

So far, I’m really impressed with the Beta. There are, thankfully, few glitches and I can actually get into matches, which is a big improvement over Gears of War 2. The progression from cover based shooting to close in melee combat feels natural, and it’s a real thrill to run your chainsaw through someone’s back when they aren’t expecting it. I’m finding the sawed-off shotgun a little over-powered, but that’s probably because I keep running into it like a moron.

Even though I’m loving the Gears 3 Beta, I ran into the angriest gamer I’ve come across in a long time last night. As I’m usually in a party with whomever I’m playing online with, I don’t get to hear the braying of the masses, but last night I put on my headphones and listened to the fury this man had to offer.

He got mad at me for reviving him, got mad at people for not reviving him, was pissed off that he ran into places with no backup, and made one player quit when he wouldn’t stop telling him that he was worse than a bot. I get that it’s a little frustrating when you’re stuck on a team with a bunch of ineffective players, but I could never fathom getting that angry about a match that’s ten minutes at most.

I wish I had recorded this guy’s outbursts, because they were seriously hilarious. I think that abrasive gamers have passed beyond offensive and into hilarious because we’re so used to the weirdness of the Internet as a whole. Have you guys ever ran across a gamer so angry that it stuck with you? Is anyone playing the Gears of War 3 Beta, and what do you think of it?

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7 thoughts on “The Puzzling Anger of Online Gamers (And Gears of War 3 Beta Impressions, Too)”

  1. I am actually considering a capture card. While that may seem off topic maybe we can all game together and I can capture the hilarity that ensues.

    Yes I have run into some ANGRY gamers. For the most part though its not the angry ones that upset me, its the rude ones. Those who do nothing but trash talk and make themselves look bad. I dont like trash talking gamers to where its more offensive that just gamer banter. Im not talking about guys who are like “you suck!” when they kill you, more the guys who spout out racist and hateful slurs no matter whats going on, constantly call everyone out for no reason, and are just plain annoying. Luckily though, there is the mute option, but in games where strategy is needed, that can be a bad move.

    As for Gears 3, I liked GOW 1. I played it. But 2 came out and I never got into it really. It just….wasnt for me. Im hoping 3 will be more to my liking seeing as how a multitude of my friends want to get it.

  2. Gears 3 looks like fun. I might just have to bankrupt myself to get it.

    I am that angry gamer. I am always the one yelling. lol Unless I’m playing a Horde mode, in which case I’m calm, in control, and badass. I suck at online versus for some reason, though. I guess I just get outsmarted, and that’s what irritates me. But I don’t go insane, I just rage face at my screw ups. And then folks tell me to calm down, and I’m like “Hm, never thought of that before, jackass!” and then I just back out right there so I don’t have to put up with more assholery.

    PRO TIP: Unless you’re a troll, don’t tell a raging guy to calm down. He’s probably just raging at himself because he screwed up, he’s not angry at you (yet). Mute him or deal with it. If you tell him to calm down, you’re being condescending, and now you’ve just aggravated him into yelling at you. So just save everyone the trouble and mute the fool.

  3. Haven’t been in that situation since I used to play CoD4. Nowadays it’s BFBC2 with friends so there’s just the minimum amount of rage as we all have more fun together rather than with randomers. I rage the odd time but I keep quiet and I NEVER direct it at teammates when it wasn’t their fault (eg. nobody backing me up? I deviated from the plan. My fault. Didn’t get revived from last stand? I should have moved over to the guy who offered to revive me rather than forcing him/her to break cover).
    Wish I could have heard it.

  4. Oh I love getting these kids in my matches. If hes screaming about how bad his team is wait for him to take a breath and calmly ask “hey man how do you take cover?” or “mind keeping it down? Im doing sudoku”… In my experience just engaging these people is enough to get them to scream so much they get distracted and die… or get yelled at by their mom (true story)

    Im not sure how Gears 3 is set up but in 2 theres that 15 seconds at the end of a ranked match where you can talk. With 3 seconds left just say “Hey X, Im better then you”…youll here a loud noise and the match will end. You may get a message but you win, and thats all that matters lol

  5. I love it, but I have to say Gears can sometimes bring the worst out of some players, and it can both suck and be quite humorous at times. On the beta note, I think I’ve gotten enough time with it (been playing since Friday) to say that Gears 3 will be THE definitive Gears multiplayer experience. I have always been a huge fan of the game’s multiplayer, and this beta shows that every complaint I had about the second and first Gears are completely gone, and everything is so much better. Not to mention the amount of polish there is already is astounding. And although they’re not unlocked anymore after it debuted to the public, the other two modes are a blast, especially Capture the Leader. Two thumbs up.

  6. we love it, we call our server MEAN for a reason. It’s full of mean, angry retired old men, who have nothing better to do than get drunk and shout at people who break the rules. But there are limits, you’ve got to earn your right to be a dick. Either way, it’s almost always hilarious. Yell and be yelled at, just be aware of who the admins are ;).

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