GamerSushi Asks: Portal 2 Roll Call?

Portal 2

Gentlemen and gentleladies, the day is upon us. The day we’ve all been waiting for. The game that we’ve been thinking about for the last two years. SOCOM 4. Wait, nevermind. Mortal Kombat 9, maybe?

Oh. Right. Portal 2. That one. Yeah, I guess that’s on shelves now too, eh?

Kidding aside, I have just returned home with my copy of Portal 2 on the PS3, which, as we all know, comes with a handy dandy Steam key to unlock it on the PC as well. This coincides perfectly with the new PC I’m building this weekend. Right now, the plan is to play the Portal 2 singleplayer component on the PS3, and then switch over to co-op on my new PC once I’m done, since I prefer the headset to the PS3 headset by leaps and bounds. Also, it’s going to be very pretty, I’m sure.

So, I figure it was time for a roll call. Portal 2 is out now on multiple platforms. Do you have it? What platform did you purchase it for? Want to play some co-op? Let’s have some fun.

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21 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Portal 2 Roll Call?”

  1. WHOOP! Been looking forward to this release more than any other, especially with all the ARG stuff going on, Valve the great hype generators! Can’t really play until the weekend, having to work and all that boring stuff, but in the UK we have a 4 day weekend due to bank holidays, so should work out just nicely.

  2. I’ll probably be buying it in the next few days. I’m lucky in a sense, I’ve been away on a university course for the past 10 days, so the release has kinda snuck up on me. And now I’m super excited, it comes out in Australia on the 21st, I’ll get it on the PC.

    If anyone’s interested in some co-op, my steam name is NovaCascade. Time zones will probably make it a bit hard, but if there’s any other Aussies on here, hit me up anytime.

  3. Pre-ordered it for the PC, started playing about 30 mins after it was released (due to decryption times and going to get lunch)
    – Finished it four hours later, and was utterly speechless at the quality of it. Definitely worth buying.

  4. Im picking it up for 360 at the end of the day. I get multiplatform games for xbox mainly so I can talk in party chat with my friends who are still playing Gears/Halo/CoD.

  5. PS3 & Steam

    Yes lets play some co op!

    Steam ID: Rapier4

    PS3 ID: Rapier_4

    Hit me up Eddy! Whats your PSN & Steam name? Lets play some!

  6. I already finished it, like 5 hours ago.

    In the end you get to……….. …….. and then glados gets …… …. …….. .

    Aw, the pros and cons of being a cripple for a limited time 😀

    The singleplayer was AMAZING. I am definitely going to play it at least trice, even though it’s longer, about twice as long as the first one was. The new game mechanics are amazing. The gels, are actually copied from an indie game that was inspired by the first portal.
    The one thing I don’t like about the gels is that if a level has a dispenser, you already sort of see a way to deal with it. It enriches it, but it also makes it a bit easier, I hate these double-edged swords.

    The plot thickens throughout the game, but there were no episode 3 references, or maybe I just missed them. You get to know GLaDOS in the second part a lot more, you get to know about the history of aperture science. I love how they theme the levels accordingly.

    Hit me up, if you want to, my steam ID is pinkisemils, but I don’t have a mic at the moment. And I’m from eastern europe.

  7. I will be getting it today for sure, on the 360 unfortunately, because I have some friends that are 360 only that I want to do co-op with.

  8. Got it for PC. Finished the singleplayer. Satisfying but still too short imho. They did a good job implementing all the new features, but there were only a few levels where you really got to combine use with them. I would have liked to see more test chambers with all the features used but I understand how that would have been hard with the story. Awaiting someone to play some Co-op with over Steam.

    Profile Name: DenimAlpaca

    Just add a message that you’re from GS and I’ll play if I’m on.

  9. I got it on PS3, and already downloaded on my PC. I found it awesome that I could chat with all my steam buddies on the ps3, and when I look behind me at my pc screen, there is the same chat box popped up, so I can just jump over to the pc and carry on the conversation.
    This is exactly what gaming needs. Cross platform play! Freaking sweet. If only the 360 can get Steam access… Imagine, PC, PS3, 360 & MAC users dueling it out in Counter-Strike, or TF2, or Left 4 Dead? Is it okay if I just did something naughty in my pants thinking about this??

  10. Got it for PC. Played about two hours, the new gameplay features are great. Gotta love those lightbridges and lasers!
    Steam ID: The C4lvinist

  11. Just have to say F you valve and your manconomy/portal store crap. Get that shit out of here.

  12. Pre-ordered it for PC, retail copy, so I haven’t gotten it yet. Hit me up on Steam though:

  13. I’ve been on vacation for the last 7 days. Just happens that it ended the day Portal 2 came out, so it was ready to go today. Just finished the single-player campaign and I’m pretty happy. Found it a little frustrating at some points, but maybe I shouldn’t have played it all in one sitting… My eyes are killing me and it’s time for sleep, definitely interested in some co-op. SteamID is JRMichaud

  14. I too picked up the PS3 version at the midnight launch, amidst a throng of rabid Mortal Kombat fans. Trying to take my time and not to tear through the single player all at once…but that won’t last long. Definitely looking forward to the co-op.

    PSN/Steam/Everything: benign1

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