30 Obscure Final Fantasy Facts

Final Fantasy - Lightning

One of the most popular and most written about (especially by me) franchises, Final Fantasy is also something of an enigma to most gamers. From its odd spin-offs and the confusing issue regarding the numbering of the games, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the series. Hell, the name alone gets made fun of at least once a month on the Internet. Tell me if you haven’t seen this little ditty or some derivative before: “But how can it be the FINAL fantasy if there are 14 of them?” hardy har har. NOT FUNNY.

Well, 1UP provided us with a handy list of 30 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Final Fantasy. I actually knew most of them in general, but the details of some, like Cid’s name being a pun or the fact that the combat was inspired by Formula One racing, were all news to me. It’s a pretty informative read and it even explains just why it’s called “Final” Fantasy to begin with.

So hit the link and educate yourself!

How much of this final fantasy trivia did you guys already know? What surprised you?

Source: 1Up.com

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  1. Man, I remember that so-called “teaser” picture of FFVII, with 3D sprites of FFVI characters. I was so pumped for that game.

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