The GamerSushi Show, Ep 25: Inspiring Gaming

Here’s Episode 25 of the podcast. Sadly, it was recorded a week ago, which means it doesn’t have any of the juicy discussion about Nintendo’s rumored new console or Valve’s ARG. But do not fret! Those issues are in next week’s podcast.

However, we do cover a host of wonderful topics in this week’s edition of the GamerSushi Show, including our most inspirational games, Sony versus Anonymous and sex in video games. Steamy.

Also, we tried to get through this podcast without making a “nice” joke – so I hope that makes SOME OF YOU happy.

So yeah. Listen up. Rate it. Like it.

00:00:25 – Intro
00:02:54 – Calm before the E3 Storm
00:10:34 – Most Inspirational Games
00:25:25 – Grades Intro
00:26:43 – Grade: Mass Effect Anime?
00:35:33 – Grade: Anon’s attack on Sony?
00:47:06 – Grade: Ken Levine’s “Sex in current games is like puppets with their clothes off”?
00:54:35 – Closing

The Big Question: What kind of grades would you give to the issues we talked about? How excited are you guys about E3?

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3 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 25: Inspiring Gaming”

  1. 5 star podcast as always guys!

    Mass Effect Anime: That bit about it possibly being like “Ghost in the Shell” made if go from an F to an S (despite the fact that it’s a 99% probability of failure). DAMN YOU FOR GETTING MY HOPES UP!!!

    Anon: The attack itself, I agree with you guys, but I defiantly don’t think the whole group should be judged because of a few overzealous hacker members. Crazy dudes, kinda crazy cool that they exist.

    Ken’s Comment: F. The technology just isn’t there yet. Designers are focusing on better environments and interactivity, not sex (except for Duke Nukem Forever). Someday it will be worth mentioning that an epic lust scene could be in a game, but neither the plot nor the technology for one exists yet.

    E3: Can’t wait!!!

    What music was that at the end of the podcast? Was that a Damn Dangerous original? It totally felt like a “Deus Ex” song, very cool.

  2. Daaaw.
    Anon scared the whole podcast into submission at the end.
    (I ain’t scareda no ghosts!)

    But, on a serious note, the brief discussion of a Live podcast…Maybe not a live one, but at least a video for the 30th podcast. That’d be like…I dunno. Midlife?

    Looking forward to hearing about Potato Sack next week.

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