Rumor: New Nintendo Console to Be Announced at E3?


Alright rumor mongers, here’s your chance to salivate a little bit…

You may have already heard, but the big rumor going around on the tubes these days is that Nintendo has a shiny new console that they’re going to announce at E3, with a launch date of 2012. Speculation kicked up earlier this week when rumors went around that the Wii is getting a price drop come May. While I ignored these rumblings at first, they’ve kicked up another notch in the last couple of days.

Game Informer made things more interesting when they supposedly confirmed with multiple sources what others had only speculated: that Nintendo is bringing an HD console to market which will support 1080p. IGN has now followed this supposed confirmation with more of their own reporting: the new console is going to be much more powerful than the 360 or the PS3.

Other sources have gone on to claim that it will use motion sensing capabilities of some sort, most likely comparable to the Wii, although some are saying it will use a Kinect-ish camera. Still, others are saying this big change in Nintendo’s mindset is a bid to recapture the hardcore market. The question remains, though: did they wait too long?

So, what do you guys think of all this? Normally, I would just ignore it, but honestly, Game Informer and IGN typically don’t get involved in the wild rumor mongering that other gaming blogs gain all of their hits from. In fact, Game Informer is one of the few legit journalism outfits left in gaming, in my opinion.

Would you guys be excited about a new Nintendo console? Go!

Game Informer and IGN

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5 thoughts on “Rumor: New Nintendo Console to Be Announced at E3?”

  1. The Game Informer article states that “in fact, Nintendo is already showing publishers the system in an effort to get them interested and allow them plenty of time to start developing titles in anticipation of the system’s reported late 2012 launch.” This is stated not as rumor, but just as something that has happened, so I don’t see why we should doubt this. Unless, of course, someone blew some smoke and Game Informer inhaled (is that a legitimate analogy?). I’d like to stick with Eddy here and say that Game Informer wouldn’t print this without a reliable source.

    On the other hand, the only real quote is from an anonymous source, and they don’t really say anything important, just that it’s, “not a gimmick, like the Wii,” which hardly sounds like anything someone would say who knows anything about anything. More like some guy they found on the street who happened to be wearing a Nintendo hat.

    I’ll just say that this is a nice rumor, one that is hopefully true.

  2. If it is real I really hope out of the box it comes with a real controller. With motion controls I wont even entertain the idea of getting it unless I see a new Smash Bros game lol

  3. I would love to see them try and recapture the hardcore market. If its actually stronger than a PS3 or 360, hurray! I think it needs the HD support, a new online infrastructure that can compete with xbox live or PSN, and plenty of storage. If its true, I want to see it. Imagine playing a Zelda game with the graphics of Crysis 2 or Uncharted 3. Just imagine that.

  4. Just watch: Nintendo’s going to announce this badass new console that can outperform the PS3 and 360, and a month or so later the other big two are going to announce systems even more powerful than “Project Cafe,” as it’s called. I, for one, will laugh my ass off if that happens.

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