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Is it just me, or do they just not make video game levels the way they used to? A big part of this comes from the fact that most modern video games work in very compact missions. While it makes for a mostly great experience, at times it’s hard to separate key levels that really stand out.

Everyone’s got their own list of favorite video game levels, and GamesRadar has pitched in with one of their old re-posts, 59 Levels to Play Before You Die. It represents a video game level bucket list, of sorts, and I have to say it’s a pretty good one. They cover everything from Assassin’s Creed’s Acre Cathedral to Chrono Cross, Symphony of the Night, Crackdown, Psychonauts and Twisted Metal 2. They’ve even got videos if you’re too lazy or unable to go play them.

We’ve talked before about some excellent video game levels on this site, but if you had a bucket list of levels to play before someone died, what would the top 5 or 10 be? Make your lists! Go!

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8 thoughts on “The Video Game Level Bucket List”

  1. That’s an awesome article. They picked my favourite moments in AC1, RE4, CoD4 and my fave Collosus battle. Yay! If they were to update it I would imagine the Train section from Uncharted 2 would make it and perhaps the section in the first Uncharted where you go through the old German base. Creepy as hell and very well paced. The game’s entire tone changes with that section.
    Also, something from Mass Effect 2 but I can’t quite settle on one particular moment. No doubt someone will say one and I’ll be kicking myself for not suggesting it, lol.

  2. There were a couple choices I didnt quite get but overall not a bad list. I was waiting for an Uncharted 2 level but I guess its kinda hard to define a level in newer games. Im not even gonna try to name a top 5 because in an hour I’ll think of a whole new 5 I like better.

    All I know is the Saving Private Ryan level in Conkers Bad Fur Day was great and the heist missions in Sly Cooper are fantastic. They are like playing an Oceans 11 game… but with cartoon animals

    1. @raider66

      I don’t think Uncharted 2 was included because this list actually came out several years back – they just republished it as part of their 5 year anniversary, I believe.

  3. Damn, I forgot to mention that after seeing Elite Beat Agents, I would have included a level from my fave music game ever (Gitaroo Man) which has an absoloutely heartwarming penultimate level where *SPOILER* you battle the main characters love interest *END SPOILER*.
    Also gotta love the SSX3 mention. The back country sections of that game are unbelievably good fun.

  4. [quote comment=”16114″]@raider66

    I don’t think Uncharted 2 was included because this list actually came out several years back – they just republished it as part of their 5 year anniversary, I believe.[/quote]

    I see, thanks for pointing that out. I tend to just go straight to the list and then cross my arms when its not exactly how I want it.

  5. @raider66

    Nice mention with Conker there! But not sure how you went with the Saving Private Ryan level when you also fight a giant doodie that sings in that game.

    As for the list, pretty nice…although with 59 games, it’s pretty much guaranteed they’ll get some of my favorites. I’d even agree with the COD:MW sniper level, and I’m not really an FPS fan; that level was just awesome! And although I was happy with their inclusion of SotC, I think that boss was my least favorite in the game. I’d probably go with the giant bird at the lake. And kudos to their Psychonauts mention, the best level in an incredible game.

    I’d also add The Tower of Latria in Demon’s Souls (I know the list was made before the game). That level starts off creepy and ends with maybe the most surprising boss in any game, which I won’t spoil if anyone hasn’t gone through it yet.

    Lastly, the “level” after the end credits in Prince of Persia (the one with Elika).

  6. In no particular order

    half life 2, route kanal
    Mass Effect 2, Mordin Solus Loyalty mission
    Left 4 Dead 2, Hard Rain
    Portal, when you leave the last test chamber to the end
    Bioshock, the level with the big plot twist
    HL2 ep2, the last battle
    The Witcher, Chapter IV: Lakeside
    TF2, 2fort
    Counter Strike, de_dust2

    I just know that I will think of countless more as soon as I click submit 🙂

  7. Totally pulling this out of my ass, and in no specific order:
    Halo 1: Silent Cartographer
    Halo 1: The Maw
    God of War 3: Opening
    Psychonauts: Milk Man’s Mind
    Mass Effect 2: Beginning and End
    COD4: All Ghilled Up/One shot, one kill
    Red Dead Redemption: After your last gang member is killed to the end
    Rogue Squadron: Hoth
    Alan Wake: Anderson Farm
    Uncharted 2: Building Collapse

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