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Fanboyism has been a hot topic around here lately and I am pretty happy with the respectful, but fierce debate we’ve been able to generate. However, it’s time for a change of pace, as we mainly have been talking about what fanboys annoy us the most and other issues of that sort.

So, in this topic, let’s talk about what games, systems or franchises that you are a fanboy for. We all know there is one thing out there that has won our hearts we will never get over it. That one entity that you will always buy, always defend and never trade in.

For me, as most of you know, it’s Final Fantasy. I love everything about the franchise and even the ones that are lackluster and that I crap on sometimes, I still love more than most other games. Square Enix has got a hold on me and despite my confusion at their current downward spiral, I will be there until the bitter, fiery end.

So what about you? What out there will you never turn your back on? Has anything you loved ever disappointed you so much that you actually did? Hit me with your comments!

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Age: 34 PSN ID: Starkiller81. I've played games since before I can remember, starting with my dad's Atari and I haven't stopped yet. Keep them coming and I will keep playing them.

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  1. I’m a PC fanboy and hardly touch consoles anymore unless it’s for in-person multiplayer (and never for first person shooters, I can’t stand using joysticks to aim). I mostly prefer PCs because I can do so much multitasking at once that’s harder to do for me on consoles (right now I’m typing chat to two people on steam, watching Firefly on Hulu, I have Super Meat Boy shrunk on my taskbar, and I’m in a voice chat with two other people talking about business while also doing a programming project for school. Needless to say I’ve leveled up multitasking to proficiency) and it almost feels like a more social platform since I can use pretty much infinite chat programs at once, it came with a keyboard to get my point across easy, and the microphone for this was only 5 dollars while the cheapest one I could find that would work on my PS3 was around 30 dollars, and it’s easier for me to get around social networking sites like facebook on here while also gaming. I guess you’d say that I love how my computer is just a complete multitool. The biggest downfall is that it’s really hard to implement when people actually come over to visit, so that’s usually when my Wii or PS3 dominate, since we can’t play Little Big Planet, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Smash Bros, or Rockband on the PC. The second downfall is that most companies seem to be targeting the console audience as the only hardcore gamers, so I’m mostly left with whatever shows up on Steam, indie games, and crappy ports. That probably brings up another upside I find about computers though, is that I love to download mods of games like Half-Life, and this kind of thing is quite a bit more difficult (if not impossible) to do on most consoles.

    But I’d say that I’m most fanboyish towards the franchises of my childhood; Duke Nukem, Doom, Mortal Kombat, Wolfenstein… all of that. I’ve bought every Mortal Kombat game, even though Mortal Kombat 4, Shaolin Monks and Deadly Alliance were awful (though I actually liked Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero.) It’s probably weirder with Doom and Duke Nukem, since the different games in the series are pretty much completely different (Duke Nukem 1 was a classic style platformer for the DOS, while the second one was more of a warfare type game with grittier, comic-book style graphics, and then Duke Nukem 3D brought in the balls-of-steel Duke blasting aliens for stealing our babes). Wolfenstein still holds a place in my heart even though I haven’t played the newest one very much (what I did play I didn’t really care for that much, though I thought it was still neat since it was Wolfenstein).

    That’s kind of as fanboyish as I usually get, which is to say, really fanboyish.

    PS: Also part of my PC fanboyism has made me strongly dislike Halo games after Halo 2. Halo 2 I’ve probably played through more times than any game ever, beating it in coop somewhere around 14 times, but when I say I don’t like the Halo series that much people usually jump to the conclusion that I’ve never played any of the games. That usually just agitates the problem…

  2. I’m a linux, GT5, dog, rationality, bicycle fanboy.

    And I also am a hater of, well, senselessness, fanboys, Apple’s attitude towards their users.
    Is that even fair ?

  3. Console fanboy-wise i support Xbox, but not that much because microsoft manages to make me angry on a regular basis.
    Game-wise Mass Effect is something i will love forever with an undeviating passion. I would also say Fallout, but New Vegas wasnt good enough to stoke the flames in the fanboy fire

  4. Metal Gear Solid, Killzone and Dragon Age (I shall defend 2’s greatness to the death! lol). Also: as an ex-member of the Sony Defence Force I still have the odd mood swing towards anyone attacking the PS3. Be warned; I can’t always control it! It’s kinda like Anders and Justice. However, I’ll never intentionally initiate a fanboy war no matter what the discussion is about. I’ll only go all fanboy if the discussion is just for fun or if it becomes an argument with no real meaning. Or if Templars abuse Mages.

  5. Not going to lie nothing on this site or anything gaming related will steal my love and inner fanboy from Girl’s Generation. While other groups might once in a great while distract me, they are still and will be the greatest. Just watch this video and be converted!

    On a more related note, I like valve; enough said; don’t need proof for that one.

  6. Halo, Gears, and Mass Effect, I will defend those series’ until I die. Honestly if someone was dogging any of those to my face and were being aggressive about it, I could see a brawl going down lol. If we’re talking devs, I would say Bungie and Bioware for sure.

  7. I wouldn’t say I’m a fanboy of any manufacturers, really, just because I hate being in the position of having to defend them when they make a stupid business decision.

    I’m a franchise fanboy, though. Halo and Assassin’s Creed are my two faves right now, but if anyone says that Metroid Prime is the worst game ever, I will be all up in their face.

  8. I’m not so much a PC fanboy as a Steam fanboy. Of course, fanboy is more of a dirty word than anything, but I’m incredibly passionate about the platform. I used to not really care about it until I started buying more PC games; the platform acts as a sort of unifying hub for all of my games, and when I shifted over to a laptop, the lack of need for disks became a huge burden-lifter. Plus, every holiday season, Steam has some f—ing incredible deals on stuff. It’s almost an addiction, really. You can get some amazing deals around that time of year. The only problem is that while my laptop is above-average, it’s nowhere near as powerful as my desktop in the graphics section.

    This love of Steam also segues into my love for Valve. How they continue to reinvent themselves with every game is amazing. They’re totally dedicated to their audience.

    As far as franchises, I don’t really see myself as a fanboy. I don’t really get mad when people bash Bioshock or Zelda, nor when one game gets better treatment on one platform over the other. And yet, I get quite angsty when somebody bashes the Steam platform. Go figure…

  9. I dont feel like I am a fanboy of any franchise by definition. I play tond of the COD series games, so perhaps that counts? I consider myself more of a console fanboy, but not to me by standard definition.

    I say Im a ‘fanboy’ for the Xbox not because I think its the best thing since sliced bread and is better than your gaming system, but more for what it did for me and gaming as a whole. To me they will always be the guys who went forth in the par of gaming that I like the most, online. They were the first guys to really get out there and do it well. The Xbox was one of my favorite systems. The 360 just made it all the sweeter. I like Xbox for what it gave me and just how nice it turned out to be. Playstation to me just doesn’t do the online thing as well. Doesn’t make it a bad system, same with the Wii. They are good in their own ways, but Im defiantly partial (fanboy-ish) to the Xbox. I think that it would take a lot for someone to trumph my habits as an Xbox gamer.

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