The GamerSushi Show, Ep 24: Vestchewbacca

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We’re back this week with Episode 24 of the podcast, which takes place entirely in real time. Sort of. We actually had a lot of technical difficulties with this one, but I think Nick did a great job of lessening the horrors that we faced.

Technical gremlins aside, this week we participate in the same tomfoolery that you’ve experienced from us every week, only this time we talk about Quantic Dream versus Rockstar, Square Enix’s fall into irrelevance, the most annoying fanboys in the world and Mass Effect 2’s Arrival DLC. After that, Nick drops a new game of Either/Or on us, and we hit up the PS3’s sales, Nintendo versus Angry Birds and the new trailers we got last week.

So, there you have it. Check it out. Rate it. Enjoy.

00:00:24 Intro
00:02:15 LA Noire vs Quantic Dream: Video Game Journalism (My game is better than yours!)
00:10:13 Square Enix (Oh Square, where have you gone?)
00:14:45 Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC (I’m on a boat, over a waterfall)
00:22:06 Most Annoying Fan Boys (Or, why we hate Sony)
00:29:17 Either/Or Intro
00:30:24 E/O Bigger Deal: PS3 surpassing 360 sales or 3DS opening sales?
00:40:17 E/O Sillier: Vestchewbacca or Reggie?
00:49:33 E/O Better Trailer: Hawken or Saint’s Row 3?
00:58:02 Outro

The Big Question: What would you guys pick for the either/or questions? What do you think of all the mudslinging going on in the video games industry right now? Go!

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  1. Love it. I think the ps3 is a bigger deal, I hate both comments, and I’m definitely excited for Hawken.

    Another great podcast.

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