Poll: Most Anticipated April Release

Now that publishers have finally decided to wise up and allow great video games to come out year round, we find ourselves with too many games and not enough time or money. So, we have to be more selective. And now that the month of April is upon us, that means more blockbuster games are on the way. Thankfully, this month is lighter than most, but the ones that are coming out are pretty gigantic.

Personally, Portal 2 is already pre-ordered and I expect to play that quite a bit with all my GamerSushi buds. I will probably pass on the other ones this month, as I am still working on my backlog.

What about you?

What April Release Are You Most Excited About?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: Most Anticipated April Release”

  1. I will be shocked if this poll isn’t 100% Portal 2. Shocked, I say!

    And can anyone else not believe that this game is out in just 2 weeks?

  2. I for one am greatly anticipating the return of Mortal Kombat, although I didn’t vote for that (because that would be carayzay). It looks pretty neat, so I’ll rent it for sure.

    But yeah, man, gotta get DEM PORTALS.

  3. you going to write about the huge cryptic portal 2 update with valve, meet the medic and potatoes today?

  4. Yup, Portal 2, already pre-ordered and ready to rock. I’m glad I get to bless my cousin with a free copy of Portal so I can change his life.

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