April Fools: Grand Theft Auto V Takes Place in Space


Well, for weeks now, speculation has been running rampant about Grand Theft Auto V: when it’s going to be announced, who’s going to be in it and what parodies we can expect. However, one of the biggest questions still remaining about the next iteration of Rockstar’s landmark series is where it’s going to take place. It seems that Rockstar has finally silenced the masses with a press release that went out yesterday. The next GTA is going to take place in space.

Yeah, you read that right. Here’s what Rockstar’s VP of Product Development Jeronimo Barrera had to say about the new game’s astounding direction:

We just felt that we’ve “been there, done that” in regards to various other settings in previous Grand Theft Auto games and other Rockstar properties. I mean, we’ve done the 80’s, the 90’s, the Old West, the 1950’s in the upcoming L.A. Noire and even a modern-day post 9/11 America in GTA IV. Space is, quite literally, the Final Frontier in terms of where Rockstar’s games could go. It should be new and exciting for fans of our current games, just like it is for us.

The press release was shy on details, but here are a couple of things that have come to light about the way Grand Theft Auto (or should that be Shuttle, now) is going to play.

  • Multiple cities on various planets
  • Hijack button will dock you with a spaceship, mid-flight
  • Weapons will be futuristic, although some “antique” shops will have good old-fashioned rocket launchers
  • The main character is Max Rifle, intergalactic pirate extraordinaire
  • Earth will be playable, specifically a nuclear radiation infected Vice City

So, that’s quite the bomb to start the weekend with. What do you think of Rockstar’s bold new direction for the series?

Source – Rockstar Press Release

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6 thoughts on “April Fools: Grand Theft Auto V Takes Place in Space”

  1. April fools for fools in april!

    I actually heard it was going to be set in Italy, doing task for the cast of Jersey Shore, trying to reunite them and get them a contract to continue their show! Tommy Vercetti bangs JWoww. Should be awesome.

  2. the best part about the article is some kid is gonna be searching high and low for news on GTAV in a month and come across this

    with any luck he’ll believe it and tell his friends

  3. You had me fooled Eddy until I actually opened the article.

    What’s sad is I would have been completely ok with this if it was real…

    … a man can dream.

  4. [quote comment=”16015″]You can do better than this Eddy.[/quote]

    Well the idea was that each post was more ridiculous than the last, until my final obvious one. 🙂

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