The GamerSushi Show, Ep 23: The Land Down Over/Under

And we’re back, fellow gamers. It’s been a couple of weeks because a certain bearded somebody forgot that Thursdays are our podcast nights, and decided to go out and have a life instead. However, everything is back to normal, and now a brand new podcast is out for your enjoyment.

In this episode of our gaming ramblings, we chat about a few new games in more detail, such as Dragon Age 2 and Crysis 2. We also tackle an awesome game of Over/Under, in which Nick has us guess on Metacritic scores for upcoming games. It’s seriously one of my favorite games we play, and I think the results in this one are pretty awesome.

So, here are the topics for this week’s podcast. Thanks to Nick’s efforts, we thought we’d try something different and list the time stamps for each thing in the podcast. Hopefully that’ll make it easier if there are certain topics you want to hear about.

Listen. Rate. ♥.

00:00:22 Intro
00:05:49 Dragon Age 2 and a Smaller Story
00:20:38 Crysis 2 Impressions
00:26:50 Demon’s Souls Tips
00:33:50 Jeff Finishes Mass Effect 2
00:45:02 Japanese Developers Love Heavy Rain

00:52:54 Over/Under Intro
00:57:22 O/U Jurassic Park
01:03:06 O/U Portal 2
01:10:39 O/U Duke Nukem Forever
01:16:33 O/U L.A. Noire
01:24:93 O/U InFamous 2
01:31:30 Outro

The Big Question: What do you think of the Over/Under scores that we attributed to these games? What do you think they’re going to score? Go!

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3 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 23: The Land Down Over/Under”

  1. I listened to your Demon’s Souls tips, and that should come with a spoiler alert for your Old Monk tell! Also, I don’t know who was talking and giving tips, but when you got invaded and lost a level, that guy used a glitch, which there are more and more of them these days. The community used to be great, but now it’s littered with noob-killers and glitchers and jumpers. Not that everyone is a douche, but there’s significantly more them these days. I still highly recommend it, though!

  2. Nick – Just a heads up that at the start of the episode you said “this is episode 22” which was the number of the last podcast. Lolz.

    All of the GS Team – Awesome podcast. GamerSushi rules. Keep up the awesomeness. I miss Smooth Few Films…

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