Hawken Gameplay Is Stunning

Today I got a treat of something that that seems to be circulating around the internet. An indie company called Adhesive Games is working on a new project called Hawken. Adhesive Games’ upcoming indie title will be Mech Combat FPS, something I haven’t seen done well since Phantom Crash. The game looks absolutely stunning in two of their early game footage videos featured below. First we have a look at the beautiful world of Hawken in their unofficial trailer followed by some stunning gameplay. Hit the jump to check out the gameplay trailer!

Hawken Trailer:

Hawken Gameplay:

So what do you guys think? Unreal for an indie game team if you ask me. These videos have me drooling for more information about this game. Are you guys excited about some good mech combat?

Source – Adhesive Games

3 thoughts on “Hawken Gameplay Is Stunning”

  1. To be honest, it just seems like it could be an early, early prequel to Mechwarrior. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I’d rather see a bit more game play footage first.

  2. Whoa, that’s some awesome stuff for 9 guys in 9 months. I’m pretty psyched for Hawken, now!

    I read some interviews and the way that Adhesive made such beautiful environments was by making only a few environment components and then just mixing and matching them. It’s basically like Halo Forge, where you use the parts to make your own structures.

    I’m looking forward to a hulking mech battle game because I’ve really never played one, other than a few games of Virtual On. I really hope Hawken makes it to XBLA.

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