Things Get Hot With Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode 3

Like clockwork, I bring you another episode of the Fault Line series of trailers for Battlefield 3. Last time, the squad was tasked with bringing down a sniper hiding in a building; this time, we see a little bomb disarming, some first-person fighting and a last stand against overwhelming forces.

These trailers are definitely starting to pick up, and I can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for us when the last video hits in April. What do you guys think? Is Battlefield 3 still looking hot? What’s your opinion on the addition of first-person melee combat?

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6 thoughts on “Things Get Hot With Battlefield 3 Fault Line Episode 3”

  1. Looks just like cod. And boy am I going to get flamed. Yet again you are powerful and running around with an automatic weapon and killing everything that moves. I think games can be a lot more involving if you fell vulnerable, weak. And I don’t mean “hardcore difficulty” weak.

  2. @nevertell, that”s exactly what I was thinking, its veru close to CoD. Maybe they have God Mode on though so cover isn’t necessary.
    On your point of making the player feel more vulnerable I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I enjoy cover based shooters quite a bit.

  3. Im just sort of bored with shooters, particularly the Modern Day themed ones. Brink is the shooter im mainly interested in now

  4. @ Skuba & Nevertell – They are using invulnerability just to show the grandeur of the game. Battlefield games are usually much less forgiving damage wise than Call of Duty games have been. Either way, this is the campaign, and where it will outshine any CoD game is Multiplayer. I can’t fucking wait for this game! **sidebar – thank God for the demo being done with the PC version. no large “PRESS X NOW” in the centre of the screen**


  5. @ Julez, I got that and it’s a proven fact that DICE>CoD Devs at multiplayer (or at least, and CoD after 4). I was just commenting on how they’re making it LOOK like CoD what with QTEs, CQB, moving out in the open, etc. I’m sure actually playing it will yeild more realistic (or what I interpret as realistic) gameplay, ie. taking cover.
    Can’t wait to load up some big ass multiplayer battles!

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