Mass Effect 2 ‘Arrival’ DLC Details…Arrive

mass effect 2 arrival dlc

Sorry about that title folks, but I think you can forgive me in light of the Mass Effect 2 info bomb I’m about to drop on you. Various gaming sites around the Web are getting hands on time with BioWare’s good-bye DLC for Mass Effect 2 (our invite was probably lost in the mail) and there’s been some juicy tidbits leaking out here and there about what your Commander Shepard will be doing when ‘Arrival’ hits next week on March 29.

First and foremost this DLC is a solo outing, so those who were hoping for the possible return of Kaiden or Ashley a la Liara in ‘Shadow Broker’ will be disappointed. Shepard is on a one-man rescue mission to save a scientist named Dr. Amanda Kenson from Batarian extremists. Additionally, fans of actor Lance Henriksen’s gravelly delivery will be happy to know that his character Admiral Hackett makes an appearance after a strange absence in Mass Effect 2.

Since Shepard is on his own for this mission, BioWare will give players the option of sneaking by combat encounters instead of going in, guns blazing. While you certainly can give everyone you see a new hole to breath out of, infiltrating an enemy camp is something new to Mass Effect.

No word on exactly how long the DLC will run, but most previews mention that the first mission took about an hour and there’s five or so in the pack total, so take from that what you will. Are you guys excited to be jumping back into Mass Effect 2? Are you dismayed by the news that you can’t bring your favorite squad members along with you? What else would you like to see from ‘The Arrival’? Put your Paragon/Renegade answers in the comments.

Source – Joystiq

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9 thoughts on “Mass Effect 2 ‘Arrival’ DLC Details…Arrive”

  1. I’ve had enough of your snide insinuations!

    In all seriousness, I am really looking forward to this so long as it is up to the standard of ‘Shadow Broker’ it looks to be a blast.

  2. Interesting. I have this sudden suspicion that stealth and/or solo missions might play a part in Mass Effect 3.

  3. Yay! Playing Infiltrator might actually pay off!
    I’m very excited with this and the length is unprecedented. My biggest gripe with ME2 was the very short DLCs which made me glad the were bundled with the PS3 release. Roll on release date!

  4. Interesting to add in sneaking now…but I’ve always been a fan so I’d like to see how it’s implemented. Dislike the lone-wolfing, though…I like backup. Not even done with ME2 yet but this should be a nice addition, along with Shadow Broker, for in game play.

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