Today’s Hilarity: Total War: Shogun 2 Has Ninja Fails

I don’t know how many of our readers are currently playing the new Total War game Shogun 2, but I had a chance to see it in action over the last weekend and I thought it looked really cool. It is the epitome of hard-core PC strategy gaming with its giant, micro-manageable battles and the complicated over-world. Since the game is based in Japan, you have access to a few unique units such as the ninja, which can be sent into enemy camps to assassinate opposing Shoguns and give you a bit of breathing room. They’re not always successful, and they sometimes fail…hard. Total War: Shogun 2 actually treats you to a vignette of your ninja’s shameful display, and they’re really quite funny. Have a look!

Being a ninja is not for everybody, it seems. I think it’s pretty neat that the developer would include a little Easter egg like this. Is anyone playing Total War: Shogun 2, and what do you think? Does this video pique your interest?

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Hilarity: Total War: Shogun 2 Has Ninja Fails”

  1. lol. I had my ninja get his leg caught by the guy sleeping, but he still managed to somehow assassinate the guy I sent him after! Games awesome btw. Some really epic battles can occur.

  2. While I like the series n stuff. I really think they need to do something to shake up the system a little bit. After Rome Total War which was pretty much perfection how are they going to top that? I liked the way they were going with the empire ones and the completely different style of combat though. Also load times… they need to be shortened so the battles are not so much of a chore. Other than that, keep it up yo.

  3. My friend is big into the Total War series and says this is the best since Rome. He also loved this article when I pointed it out to him. He’s going to lend me Rome so I can try it out and maybe I’ll get Shogun when I get a laptop if Rome creates a good impression. I’ve been told to steer clear of Empire: Total War and according to some fans of the series, that’s a common form of advice.

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